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Try taking that right front tire off again. Grab the brake rotor (cool of course) and give it a pull. Does it move toward you? Next try to push in with the left hand and pull with the right and vice versa (with the steering wheel locked). Does it move? Now give the rotor a spin and listen (be sure not to catch any fingers between the center hub and caliper, it hurts big time). Do you hear or feel anything? If so, what?

I think it's your wheel bearing either needing to be tightened, replaced or repacked.

Be sure to have the car well supported on jack stands, or on a lift, before trying any of these procedures. Also try not to have any part of your body under the car when pushing/pulling or tugging on parts.

PS: Loose or worn wheel bearings can cause wheel vibrations and mimic symptoms of warped rotors when braking.

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