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The first thing I did when I got my car was to replace every fuse in the fuse box with new ones.

The problem varies from day to day, its very strange.

Yesterday it was very hard to start the car. Today it has been much easier to start it, and that is since I messedwith the fuse ont he OVP. I did not change the OVP fuse, I merely took it out and reseated it.

Last night after I did that, the car started up instantly,a nd idled a bit higher.

Today the car is not starting instantly, but it is starting much much better than the day before.

I suspect that this is an OVP issue. The car is getting the same gas mileage, there is no fuel smell anywhere near the fuel injection and there is no dripping fuel. Spark is good, fuel is the right kind, oil is fresh, engine idles smooth as can be, and does not stall or idle rough. The only problem is cold start and warm starting, which are both about the same, it seems to make no difference when hot or cold.

Generally I can get it fired up then it dies, then I try again, and it cranks a bit and then starts. After this it runs fine btu still has the hard starting.

Should I go ahead and replace the ovp as a precation?

I'm actually calling my mech now to ask him, but I want to hear from all my friends here as well.

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