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The Bob
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Thanks for the replies.

I evacuated the r134 and replaced it with 36 oz of r134. It works again although not as cold is i would like but i am done playing with it. I will have to accept that R134 will not cool down as cold as R12. Now to even bigger projects. My auto climite control does not work all that great. I get no air from the central vents, my fresh air vacuum element and my foot vents never acutuate. The proir owner replaced the climate controls about three years ago so i hope it is not the unit. Now it is me and my litte vacuum tester. This one is not going to be easy. when i figure it out i will let everyone know how to do it. So far I am considering replacing the vacuum lines as they come into the car.

It gets pretty complicated... I will let you know how it goes.

thanks again for your support.

sometimes i wonder if i should buy a new vw diesel. I wouldnt spend so much time and money repairing it. But i must say that my old benz would kick a new vw but in a fight. (after i catcht up to it)


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