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Flooded out--electrical woes now

What has happened is the seat motors are wet, and the position sensor is coated with water born crud. The seat memory will not function without mposition feedback. It will have to be taken out, taken apart and cleaned--if it is not already corroded up.

Not familiar with locking system on that car if it is air powered (by pump in the trunk) that pump is likely flooded out too.

If you have insurance ( comprehensive) call your agent and let him know what happened. Take it to a competent shop (******** on Edloe is great).

You may get lucky. (Hans and Joe there told me the engine rebuilder shops have no more inventory--lot of people drove into high water, it built up in front of radiator, got sucked into air intakes and BAM broken rods, hole sin blocks, etc. Lots of folks do not realize the engine intake is not 'protected' up inside the engine compartment, and just a little water into the engine (tablespoon is enough) will destroy an engine immediately.
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