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Well as you can tell by my subject i have had it up to my head in frusteration of my sunroof. I highly doubt anyone will be able to help me but i am keeping my fingers crossed. First, i have no power to the motor. I checked the switch and it checked out, but just for precaution i bought a new one. Still no power. Okay here comes the real frusteration. The sunroof motor was originally bad, so i replaced it. Once replaced i went direct with a small 12v battery to the motor and all it did was click like somethign was stripping reguardless which way i went with the motor. Next i took it to a sunroof repair place, they wanted to replace the cable and some misc. parts in the roof itself. total of 200 dollars worth of work once labor was added in. The sunroof still only clicks with power added. The shop told me that the motor is missing a part that keeps the cable "centered" inside the motor casing, so it can't be pushed up into the casing and cause the motor not to catch. I did get the motor from a boneyard, HOWEVER, i don't remember ANYTHING off of eaither of the motors that i have seen the even resembles what they are talking about. There are two clips outside of the motor casing that are attaced to the casing but thats it. And those are installed. I'd appreciate any advice/tips at all. Oh yea the sunroof place(top of the line auto interiors) said that they thought the roof moved free enough. i'm at the verge of taking this thing to the dealer and paying 500 bucks to get it fixed! Thanks a million
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