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Well, I took out the assembly, cleaned the arm, lubed all the gears (that I could see), put it back in and it still is bobbing and weaving about 2 inches too far out. My '24 inch blade hits the molding still.

The damn thing runs and sounds just fine, but I guess it just blew out a gear or something and extended out.

So my next plan is to try a '22 inch blade, which would work perfectly, if I can find one that fits.

Anyone know if the smaller '90 models (190 etc) use a '24 inch wiper or a '22 and if so, is the blade connection to the wiper arm the same as my 300E?

Arghhh, I guess I can get a used assembly for $65 over the internet but I don't wanna take that damn thing apart again .

Thanks for any help
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