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Sorry to post this again:

The arm to my '24 inch mono wiper blade ('90 300E 124 body) extended out suddenly the
other day so I removed the assembly, greased up the arm and the gears
and whatnot and put it back in.

It bobs and weaves just like normal but with a '2 longer extension
that normal which means my blade hits my windshield molding. Other
than that, it looks and runs just fine (transmission and motor) I
suppose it slipped a gear or something.

Me being mr clever wants to put in a '22 inch blade to solve the

My question is, did any '90 year Mercedes model use a '22 inch blade
or below such as the 190 class or the 300 SL coupe? And if so,
will the blade fit on my 300E wiper arm?

This seems like an unusual way around this problem, but I'm lazy and DO NOT feel like taking out that assembly again to replace it! =)

Thanks in advance
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