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It's a Down Right Rotten Shame

Brothers of The Benz
It's unfortunate that all of us haven't had the Joy of buying their Benz new.
But, at least you have a Benz.
There are so many used Benzs on the market that have been neglected and had their heart run out all of their lives.
Those of us who bought our Toy new enjoy it more with each added mile, and wouldn't part with it for anything.
Except for those who are able to purchase a new Benz each year, and then being the fortunate buyer to get such a deal after the first depreciation has taken a chunk out of the retail price, buys a gem.
Then there is the M/B as mine and so many others that have been taken care of and feel bragheart when boosting about the excellent service we have gotten from it.
It appears that some of the used Benzs that members have purchased have really been neglected and unless it was purchased at the right price, the new owner really becomes disenchanted owning his M/B.
People don't get rid of their cars if there is nothing wrong with them. No, just the opposite, they neglect the problem areas until there are so many that they must get rid of it to save the expence of repairs and those who buy these cars from individuals buy that mans problems.
There is the coined phrase "Have Records".
Are they truthful?
If I was to buy a used Benz today, it would have to come from a M/B Dealer. I would pay more but I would get more.
Dealers get rid of their "DOGS".
These are found at Happy Charlies Exotic Cars.
I don't know how to close and not hurt someones feelings so,
Happy Trails Beep Beep from the Spiderman in Houston!!!
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