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Use Your Widdle Fingers

Brother of The Benz, atombaum
Removing the instrument cluster is a piece of cake.
There are no clips holding the cluster inplace, just good fit.
The removal tool is just two lengths of 0.045 inch wire with a small hook at the end.
These are inserted at the top, turned 90 degrees and pull.
I've always used my fingers appling pressure at the top and pulling.
The speedometer cable does not need to be disconnected from the transmission.
You will have to pull some slack to get the cluster out far enough to reach the speedometer cable at the speedometer.
There is an amphenol plug and the econometer hose to be unplugged.
Ease the cluster out and past the steering wheel and that's it.
As for the bulbs, there is a red capped bulb at the lower row of the cluster.
This ain't no bulb but a fuse.
I modified my holder by solderring a twin lead to the sides of the fuse holder and routing the wire back and behind the insulation under the floor mat and soldered a mini-fuse at the end.
Now if the fuse should fail I won't have to remove the instrument cluster to replace it, just lift the floor padding.
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