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I have a '93 300E 2.8 w/125K miles. I never changed the shocks or struts since I bought it. It is staring to sway and slide if I take a turn too fast.

I need your advice on changing these parts without having to shell out $1000 (Dealer) or $620 (Midas).

1- I can get the Bilstein or Boge parts on the web at a discount. But where do I go to get them changed?? which ones are better?? Any idea of typical labor cost (I was told I need alignment as well, if I change the front ones)

2- I can change the rear ones only. Would that make sense?? and can I change them myself?? they look simple enough!

3- I have a choice of Gas, Comfort, Sport, or Heavy Duty ... Any suggestion which ones are better. I tend to drive fast and don't have passengers with me most of the time.

I love this car, but $1000 at 125,000 miles is too steep ... HELP!
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