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The Bob
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I am a cursed man

While trying to diagnose my vacuum problem I shorted out my control unit. The profanity was brutal to the ears. I am ashamed of myself. But I am also a forgiving man and and I am already forgiven.

Word of advice dont short these things out they are expensive. Here is the good news

This gives me the opportunity to rebuild the system.
Here is what I ordered.

1 new 6 prong vacuum fitting. (which goes from the green line to the switchover valves
5 new switchover valves (I think that one of them were broken so I will replace them all)
One new check valve for the center vent
1 new vacuum element for the defroster vent
And 1 brand new control unit $$$$$$

I am also probably going to run new vacuum hoses to the elements. or at least change out the connections.

Luckily for me my brother works in the parts department at Mercedes benz and i can get this stuff at cost. Even still it will cost about $300.

By the time I am done I should be an expert on the subject and able to help others from my mistakes. That $300 would have been 3 sessions with a therapist. I am wondering where my brake even point is.

Thanks for all your help.

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