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I recently replaced my automatic with a used unit. After the job I made a road test to find it pulled out with no slipping but shifted quick all the way through. I expected the problem was in the kickdown and discovered it was not connected at the tranny. After connecting it and re-installing the plastic housing I backed it off the ramps and left it there for a couple of days (confident that the problem was now corrected). Later when I decided to try it out, it only moved a few feet in reverse and barely moved at all in forward. It doesn't move at all in either direction now and the fluid is cool and not moving out of the pan (an assumption since the level is high on the stick). I did remove the kickdown cable again to see if it would have any effect. It didn't. My local MB service said it sounded like a pump problem or possibly the kd linkage is not retracting as it should which would "dump" the fluid. I checked to see if the linkage is free and it is. The tranny source said they would exchange with no problem but it would be nice to avoid removal and replace again. Any ideas on this guys?

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