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sorry about the wrong info! but the haynes manual said it is located inside the left rear wheelarch liner and it needs to be replaced every 30k miles! again from reading the haynes manual, your idling problem is probly not from the evaporative loss emission control system. the valve you are referring to is called the purge switchover valve in haynes manual. it is clipped to the bulkhead at the rear of the engine bay and connected to the activated charcoal canister via a pipe. its function is to allow fuel collected in the charcoal canister to be used when the engine is under load, eg. acceleration and it's controlled by a thermo valve, which prevents the purge valve from opening until the coolant temperature exceeds a preset limit. This is to ensure that the engine runs correctly when it is cold and to protect the catalytic converter from the effects of an over rich mixture. this mixture is too rich to be used during idle. well, second thought, it could be because the purge valve is faulty and letting all of these over rich fuel to enter the inlet manifold during idle and when engine is cold and cause it to idle roughly. or the thermo valve is faulty and causing the same thing. hope by changing the charcoal canister you can fix the idling problem. good luck
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