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Alright guys,

I've decided that I'm not going to lower my car for a few reason, mostly financially. However, I do have another post out there, in regards with changing the front springs.

Recently, I've been experiencing rattling noise on my front driver's side suspension. I went to a independent MB shop, and they said that I needed to get new strut mounts. K, cools, $40 from FastLane. However, he also recommended that I also change the shocks because mine were a bit soft, and also since I was changing the strut mounts, might as well do the shocks since the process involves taking out the shocks.

I'm still deciding on whether I should get the Bilstein Sport or comfort shocks. Also, I'll be doing this myself. What other elements do I need to change? Any bushings, rubber stops, etc? I'd like to order everything from FastLane because I like their prices and service. Thanks guys!

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