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Originally Posted by hanno
Terry, I did this on a 87 300E sedan. Computer doesn't know or care (its an 87, the trans. doesn't talk to any computers). Vacuum modifications consisted of a 29 cent cap on the intake manifold where the auto trans. vacuum line was attached. Its an easy swap... intelligent grunt work, if (big IF) you have a donor car parked real close. Lots of stuff you don't think of ahead of time (both the exhaust hanger that bolts to the trans and the wood shifter surround are different with a manual trans). Minor stuff, but gets expensive if you need to get them individually. Do a search, many posts on this subject for this model car, complete parts listings also.
I too was thinking of putting a 5-speed in my '87 300D.
It isn't a terribly difficult job if you have all the parts available. The driveshaft can be tough to find as is the flywheel.
I read up a bit and found that the MB manual transmissions are pretty stiff and hard on the driveline especially with all the torque the 603 engine can crank out, it would make for a jerky ride because of the boost has to drop before shifting, an automatic is ideal for the turbodiesel. I was also informed that running a manual trans would necessitate more frequent suspension repairs incl. rear control arms and diff mounts.
If you were driving long haul often a 5 speed would be useful because of its OD and better fuel mileage.
Basically I was talked out of considering a conversion.
I have a friend that was selling a 5-speed with all associated parts out of a 124 chassis. PM if anyone is interested.
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