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Bill 124matic
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Hello all,

I have been reading the list for the past few days and finally signed up tonight. I just purchased my 3rd MB, a Silver/Blue '92 300E 4matic to use as a daily 100-mile commuter. My previous 2 cars were a 99 SLK 5-speed, and an 81 240D with 225K on the odo. Back to the 4matic..... and I apoligize in advance if this gets a little long !!

I bought the car in excellent condition with 126K, it now has over 130K after the first month. I have already replaced the wheels and tires with 215/55HR16 CH95's on Millie Miglia Bellos (from the Tire Rack), and the thermostat, hoses, and radiator due to a broken plastic upper hose coupler. Of course the oil has been changed also, and the cooling system flush is always good.

I have a few questions if anyone can offer help...

1. I would like to change the headlights to the Euro Bosch or Hella lights with the clear corners, but I cant find a vendor who supplies them. Can someone suggest someplace to purchase these? (little wipers will be modified or removed)

2. I saw a 1990 MB service book detailing the 4matic system on Ebay, but I didnt get to bid in time. It looked like a wealth of info on the way the system works and how to service/maintain it. I saw the book was 227 pages long. Are these still available? my dealer hs only those CDs which dont seem to get rave reviews on here !!

3. The shocks on my car are originals and could use replaced soon. I use Bilstein on every one of my cars, but when I inquired about the 4matic, they said they have no fitment. Can anyone suggest another high quality shock that might fit this car?

Thanks in advance for any help !!!

Bill Reiss
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