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ok here it is for those of you who want to fix up your own Zebrano Wood panels. after stripping the clear coat off which is a ***** cause it`s so thick you`ll be left with a bleached piece of striped wood that does`nt look any thing like the original because all the stain that MB used has come off also, after days of hunting for the right colour, (it can`nt be bought). the paint shop i found had an owner who must be as annal as me and hepled me mix dozens of stains till we got exactly the right match, and here it is 50% Wattle Traditional Cedar and 50% Cabbots Walnut. both of these are oil based stains and will not cause crazing with the spirt based clear coats, now it`s off to the two pack clear coater to finnish the job. i suggest all of you to save this info because just about every MB i`ve seen over 10years old has a cracked gearshift pannel.
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