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I finally got around to quieting down my 84 190E with a fresh exhaust. I have been riding around with the two rear sections of the system nicely stored inside my trunk for the past two months until I got a 'expired inspection' ticket yeaterday.

I have done many exhausts on many cars, but the 190E is a nice neat job. A couple of bolts, stretch the rubber hangers and presto- a quiet car.

I did have problems however at the CAT. I cut the cat-to-mufler #1 and then couldnt get the bolts out of the flange on the cat end. While I was whacking at it , the flange cracked. So I took it to the work bench and pounded the bolts out. I would have ruined the cat if the flange didnt break first. After I bolted up the new pieces , including the cracked cat flange, I welded up the broken flange.

My thanks to the Mercedes engineers!
Patrick Leber
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