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But Why?

Brother of the Benz, The Bob
I know there is method to ones methods or madness, but why were you working in an area so confined and subject to electrical components and did not disconnect the battery?
I too, as so many of us have done, experienced the power of that balankety blank 12 volt killer the battery.
Working as you were, I shorted my watch band between 12 volts and ground.
I couldn't get free of the short and couldn't get the watch off and screaming while the flesh burned and stunk.
It gave me a cute little third degree burn.
The Doctor said I was fortunate it didn't cook an artery at my wrist.
But anyway, I didn't fry any electrical components.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

P.S. The watch was my Rolex I purchased on Holiday in Hong Kong. The band still has it's battle scars.
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