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The Bob
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Hey spiderman

Thank you for sharing your grief. A third degree burn is brutal. I usually take off my rings and watches but now I will always do it. THe worst part was that I was just messing around with it. I was not prepared at the time to fix it. Anyway I have alot of egg on my face for this one. I replaced all of the fuses with the hope that it may have blew one out but no luck. So I took it out of the car and dismantled it and not so suprising was a quarter sized black spot with little pieces of wire sticking out of it. I cooked alright... at least there can now be closure. I can move foward to more complex undertakings. My friends said that I would not be able to work on the mercedes, that they were expensive to maintain and may be over my head. Well I'll show them.

Thanks for your replies

I dont feel so alone with my habit for destruction.


no kidding it is genetic. My father did this to me and I will pass it along to mine. I used to have to hold the drop light and get him a 12mm open box wrench every saturday. THe worst thing he did was put a bus diesel oil filter on a wonderful 81 vw dasher diesel(He was a bus driver in New York). 40 miles later my mother blew the engine up going over the george washington bridge in NYC. That car was never the same. He killed a great car to save $5
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