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Hi There.... relatively new to this forum. Wrestling with a little situation, that I believe you may be able to help me with... I'm defecting to the Mercedes camp, having been a Jag loyalist for many years. However, after many episodes of the car acting up which cost me dearly (such an expensive mistress), I've decided to part ways. I'm looking to purchase a 95 or 96 E320... Apart from the new body style, are there many other significant changes between those two years? Any reason I should go with the 96 as opposed to the 95? My wife seems to prefer the S320... Is there a whole lotta difference between that and the E? I've heard there are two major problems with those model/years: Wiring Harness in the engine compartment prone to catching afire and a leaky head gasket. Are there any other known issues? Thanks for all your help!! I would very much appreciate any input from you guys in helping me with my decision. On a parting note... anyone interested in a high maintenance mistress? Lovely, but merciless on the wallet!!! Cheers... Roger
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