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like weeds #2.

IP oil change

OIL FILTERS: which one to buy????

No more Mobil 1 15W-50?
No more Mobil 1 15W-50?

10,000 mile oil change
10,000 mile oil change

What oil do you use and how often do you change it?
What oil do you use and how often do you change it?

How much used transmission fluid can you burn?

waste motor oil fuel?

Oil filter housing shaft O-rings?

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

Oil drain plug stuck, too simple, I know

Oil questions/conserns

Purolator oil filter

Mobil One Truck and SUV Synth Oil 5w-40W

How to Filter WVO For use ?

Recommend a Amsoil substitute

Oil leaking from oil cap

Thinking of changing oil...

HELP! - I think I'm screwed....

Change oil from top better than conventional way??

use spin on oil filters to replace fuel filter?

Oil Analysis... where to get this done?

85SD oil filter question

'83 240D Instrument cluster oil leak

HELP!!!!! With minor oil leak!!

Oil Pressure Normal??

Oil leak. Problem?

300E valve stem seals and oil burning

Engine oil black after only 1000 miles

82 300SD leaking oil

Oil burning problem

Lucas Oil Stabilizer stops blowby dead in its tracks! 5mpg increase in fuel economy!

Motor Oil for 320CDI

Which Oil is safe in my '95 E300D

Veggie Oil Helped Me through Katrina

How to get a few more MPG out of a 123 5cyl

Thoughts on burning used motor oil?

Floor jack under oil pan OK?

Oil Leaks

Speaking of oil pressure...anyone

Stuck Oil drain plug

synthetic oil question

Extended run-time...oil pressure drops

300SD oil filter leaks

no more oil in the air filter

Oil cap missing, lost oil out top of engine. What to check?

Hastings or Amsoil oil filters... would U use them?

Any body tried using motor oil blending in diesel fuel?

oil filter cover - 603.960 vs 603.961 vs 603.97

oil in air filter


Oil in the vac pump

Turbo oil drain - wrenching report

240D Manual Transmission Oil?

You can run a diesel on vegetable

Using less oil on hot days...Bizarre?

Damaged turbo oil drain tube

E300D - Oil low warning light mystery

New Oil thread........Oh no!

oil cooler line removal

1991 350 SDL - OM603 Pumping Oil Out Exhaust

Oil pouring out of muffler!

Oil on da brain
Oil on da brain

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