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Thanks stevebil and Larry for your input.
It's summer time ain't it?
My evap coil isn't bad. It's a vacuum device that is the problem.
Last week I replaced the compressor/cluch, drier/reciever and the expansion valve.
Considerring the labor involved in replacing the vac piece, I know it is good practice to replace all components accessable during disassembly.
Today I have investigated the purchasing of an evaporator coiling coil.
I've gotten prices from $129.50 to $718.00
Not all are the same; bi-metal, copper, aluminum, with and without an expansion valve and insulating boot.
Through patience and persaverience, I prevailed.
An OE unit with all of the hardware and valving required to put the evaporator assembly into original condition; and it cost $70.00 more than the highest priced gray market unit.
Both come with the same 24 month warrantee, except the OE is honored at any M/B Dealer, parts and labor. Where the G/M unit only warrantees the part and no labor.
I've purchased three sticks of dynamite as disassembly tools.
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