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Ok, so I put in my eurolights and I thought I did the correct wiring. I turn the headlights on, and one works perfectly, the other one doesnt. The color of wires on one side doesnt match the other. The passenger side light is the one that doesnt work. The colors are Brown (Socket 2), White (Socket 4), Yellow ( Socket 5), and finally Gray with a green line (Socket 6). The headlight will turn on, but its really dim. I checked the bulb its on it, each of the 4 wires gets a good connnection. All of the fuses in the fuse box are fine. The things are right out of the box and all the harnesses look fine. Ive changed the wires around a bunch of times with no luck. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips or some advice that I could play around with. Thanks in advance.

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