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Up Graded Evap?

Brother of The Benz, The Bob(-L)
I'm not aware of an evaporator up-grade.
I would imagine to improve the function of an evaporator you would have to increase the number of coils in the configuration.
To do this, how would it fit into the evaporator case/housing?
I've heard that some gray market evaps have fewer coils, no expansion valve or the packing.
An evaporator isn't configed for a specific gas; it allows the gas to boil at the pressure determined by the expansion valve.
Trying to improve the physical reaction of 134-A, it's boiling point, that is changing from a low pressure liquid to a low pressure gas by changing the evaporator,and maintaining the same configuration, won't gain anything.
Possibly there is something I'm missing and another member can help us out on this subject.
Don't start to disassemble the unit yet.
Wait for some additional more up todate info than my old grey matter has to offer.
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