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CIS-E: Function of EHA and fuel distributor

I can't start my 1987 190E 2,3 (W201 engine 102.985).

Ignition and fuel pressure seems OK (strong spark and specified flow through pressure regulator), Voltage inputs to ECU are also OK, Fuel Pump Relay and OVP seem to function correctly.

Pressure at cold start valve output of fuel distributor seems OK (the valve can produce a fine spray), but the 4 injector outputs have very little pressure, i.e. fuel flows proportional to the posistion of the air mass sensor (from none to some milliliters per second). Applying 20 mA current through the EHA in either direction hans no (or at least not a significant) influence on the flow rate.

Is it normal, that fuel to injectors are not under pressure, and that EHA current has so little effect on the flow?

Any other suggestions?
1991 300SEL (W140)
1987 190E 2.3 (W201)
1987 Honda Accord 2.0
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