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Thanks to all responses I *do* appreiate it!

Timing belt.....Doh!! Should have looked under the hoof then posted! Well I made myself loko a fool there, I should have figured out it wasnt a Timing Belt, well I did warn you I wasnt 100% Au Fait with them.

First of all, Car has 105K on it, was in for its 15K interval Service, sorry for any confusion

Having had a look "under the hood" I can now see exactly the belt refered to, its the "Engine Belt: isnt it?

Well For other reasons, I am looking around for a shop,the dealer has happened to suit in the past, having done some research here, I am looking at three mechs in the Fort Worth Texas Area, namely:-

German Auto Source
Auto Heinz

so if anyone has recommendations or warnings let em know via here or email

Thanks once Again.
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