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Old 06-23-2001, 10:21 PM
Johnson Chan
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Hello, I have the oportunity to purchase a 1975 450 SEL. I have not seen this car yet and plan on tommorow or tuesday.

Basically I was washing my car and another benz owner approached me and told me he was selling it. It hasnt been started for over a year and needs a few minor repairs from what I was told.

I dont know anything about this model car and quite frankly I wasnt even born yet when this thing was made, so maybe someone here can educate me on it.

Is it a troublesome model, any engine or tranny problems, electrical gremlins, possible classic, etc? I will probably fix it and sell it or just keep it around for the heck of it. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Also, about how much is this car worth in good condition? Most car guides dont go back that far, lol.
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