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Hi everyone,

I've taken ownership of a 83 W126 (280SEL) a couple of months ago, and I'd no records of repairs done by the previous owners.

While I'd love to have an engine overhaul done (the engine is a tad noisy, and fuel consumption on the high side), the cost is holding me back. I'm looking at USD$3000 (parts n labour) for a complete job at the workshop. So I'm saving up for it, and the reason why I'm looking at an overhaul is because I intend to keep the car for another 10 years.

I need advice on this: are there any temporary measures (that do not cost too much) such as replacement of minor parts or adjustment of certain things that would improve the engine's condition, until the time when I bring the car for an overhaul? (likely 18 months later)

As an illustration, I have had the intake/exhaust valves adjusted, and the idle control valve plus ignition control module replaced, and these have helped to clean up the idle a bit. Basics such as plugs, wires, cap n rotors etc. are all replaced. My query now is targeted at the engine body itself.

I hope I do make myself clear. Please advise me, thanks!

1983 W126 (280SEL)

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