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gchenel 06-10-2003 12:04 PM

1990-560 SEL Speaker wiring
Hi all:

I have read all the posts on this car and its sound system and yet I have a question. I have 6 factory speakers in my car. They are fed by 2 amps on each side. I have bought an MP3 Deck (Rockford Fosgate 9120G), from my son who wanted to go with a higher end model. I would like to wire all speakers.

My problem is that there is only two pairs of wires for the front speakers (one for the left front and one right front) and another two pairs of wires for the rear speakers (again one for the left and one for the right rear speakers).

How do I make sure that the bass speaker in the doors are also wired. Do I use the front speaker outlet to power both the front and the door speakers? A wiring Diagram would sure be nice. What have you guys done?

p.s. Why is it that the top of the line 560 SEL for MY 1990 has so many different speaker configurations, some have 4, others have 10 and I have six??????

Thanks so much. Guy.

sixto 06-10-2003 04:57 PM


However many speakers you have, they are ganged to an equivalent 4-ohms per channel; front left and right, rear left and right. Each front channel includes a dash speaker and door speaker set.

Run speaker wires from the new head unit to the back seat area and tap into the wiring harness at the amps. I can help you identify wires if necessary. You'll lose the function of the fader switch behind the shifter but it's a lot more work to keep that functional.

As I understand it, 6 speaker systems have a single driver in each door and rear deck location, 10 speaker systems have a separate tweeter and woofer arrangement in each of those locations. Plus the pair in the dash.

Models without speakers in the doors have a pair in the dash and a pair in the rear deck. I think the W126 series in the US had 4 speakers through 1987 and got door speakers and external amps in 1988.

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gchenel 06-11-2003 10:04 AM


Thanks so much for the reply this is a big help. Do I keep the left right configuration or can I wire the dash and door speakers on the front channel and the rear speaker on the rear channel? In this maner the deck's fader should work as it is designed??? Also would I wire everything in series or in parallel?

Has anyone else by-passed the amps and how exactly did you wire the 6 speakers?

Thanks for any replies.


sixto 06-11-2003 12:53 PM

There are four channels total coming out of the factory amps. Each channel corresponds to a corner of the car. Treat the dash and door speakers as one corner. In fact, think of it as one speaker. Each corner equates to a 4-ohm load so you don't want to break the front sets unless you're able to futz with matching impedances. The balance and fader functions of the new stereo will work as they should. The fader behind the shifter won't. Use it to fade the cabin dome lights :)

Your new stereo should have a four channel output. Run the 4 wire pairs to the back of the cabin; left channel towards the left rear speaker, right channel towards the right rear speaker. Just below the speakers tucked behind the seatback are the amps. Tap the speaker wires into the amp harnesses. Gray with black stripe and gray for the front, yellow with black stripe and yellow for the rear. Same color codes on both sides. Leave the amps disconnected!

The most difficult task will be removing the rear seatback. I haven't figured out how to do it in my SDL. At most I can tilt it forward but I can see that this bends the frame of the power reclining mechanism. It still works so maybe that is the way to do it.

95 S420
91 300SE
87 300SDL
83 300SD

gchenel 06-12-2003 08:59 AM


Thanks for the additional explanations. I understand perfectly how to wire this now. AS for the seat back it is fairly simple. First remove the seat cushion, 2 bolts on each side, pry open and it will come off. Once this is done you will see two bolts holding the bottom of the frame on the sliding bar that moves the seat in and out. Remove those....Once this is done disconnet the heated seats if you have them and then get some help, one on each side. You should be able to lift the seat about two inches to ensure it clears the frame and then it should pull right out.


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