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Dave Ross 08-05-1999 09:59 PM

I've been reading all your guys great comments about Vinylx and all the rest and decided to go get some. So where would you suggest I look. Not one of the auto parts places around here has any of the items that you all mention (let alone Clay Magic???, just where do you get that?) Does anyone know of mail order sources. Something other than auto part places? Would appreciate any clues. By the way, has anyone suggestions on decent wheel cleaners. I have stock alloys on an '89 190E. Thanks

89 190E 2.6 Auto, 48k mi

Bill Wood 08-05-1999 11:23 PM

Try these guys:

Bill Wood - Webmaster, LLC

Lee Scheeler 08-06-1999 02:52 PM

For wheel cleaning the best two I have encountered are Meguiar's wheel cleaner and P21S. They work every inch as well, usually better, than the harsh cleaners but will not harm the finish of your wheels. Since the wheels are painted just like the rest of the finish they are subject to damange by ultra-harsh cleansers.

Hope this helps...Lee

Dave Ross 08-07-1999 12:15 AM

Thanks for advice, I'll give them both a try.

yambrovich 05-06-2000 04:37 PM

I found that there are a lot of spray cleaners out there that make it sound like there's no work to it, but they're BS-ing you.

What I use is a nylon bristle "parts brush" along with a spray cleaner (we've got a 190E with painted alloys and a 300E with chromed alloys). Use the appropriate cleaner stuff but work it with the parts brush. I found that cutting the bristles down from 2.5 inches in length to around 1.5 inches in length works better. Spend some time (it took me almost 4 hours to clean up the chromed rims on my 300E after I bought it used) but now it's simple to keep up with a quick once-a-week washing.

Jay Yambrovich
1989 300 E
1992 190-E 2.3

Michael 05-06-2000 11:16 PM

Guys, you really should check out It's run by a guy named Larry Reynolds that not only carries everything out there, but will give you the straight up on every car chemical known to man. He turned me on to some fabulous products, Numero Uno being 3M Imperial Hand Glaze. Spanks them all, and probably the only really righteous 3M product. And he's got fabulous, detailed descriptions of every stage of car care are right there.

Best regards, Michael
'92 500E
'88 300TE

roas 05-07-2000 02:16 AM

Thanks Michael,

Always looking for sites that are informative, looks like this one qualifies in every way.

capostol 05-08-2000 02:53 PM

I've got an 89 260E that people mistake for new. I use the detailing supplies that I sell on my side business which include clay bars and etc... If you would like more info please give me an email....

Cayette Apostol
1989 260E
"Smooth as glass"

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