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jpococke 12-16-2000 07:18 PM

I am interested in a 240D and I need opinions. First the car has 289,000 miles on the body, but the original engine was removed and a new reman from MB was installed approx. 1992. It has approx 90,000 on the engine. It has small pin sized rust spots on the car, not alot. Interior is okay and owner states that the records are well maintained from 1988 to present.
Owner claims engine oil changed every 5,000 miles.
On a vehicle like this what would be the actual value since the engine was changed out?
Any comments.

jpococke 12-16-2000 07:39 PM

1982 240D
The vehicle is a 1982.

jpococke 12-16-2000 09:05 PM

240D 1982
Condition is mentioned, what are we describing.

jpococke 12-17-2000 09:21 PM

82 240D value
I've checked in my area and there isn't anything to compare it with. So I did a KBB and with my calculations came up with a 1900.00 figure. To me that seems fair for a 82 with 289,000 miles on the body and a almost 100,000 miles on the engine. I just don't want to be mislead, if the vehicle was worth 2500.00 it would be immaculate, no dings blemishes on the body. The mileage would be less than normal? Any comments?
Thanks for the help

jpococke 12-17-2000 10:10 PM

That was the kind of info I wanted to see. I just didn't know where to start. Some of the particulars such as moon roof, cruise control does not work. If this is a model that is on the cheaper side, then I won't expect to pay the price I mentioned.
Hey thanks for the info, I do greatly appreciated the input.

Larry Delor 12-17-2000 10:38 PM

Another thing to consider is, what kind of suspension work may be required in the lower ball joints, upper control arm/ball joint. What about the A/C system...has the diff. fluid been changed....ever? When the rebuilt was installed, what "old" parts where re-used, and what condition are they in now?
(just more crap to ponder, that's all! :) )

LarryBible 12-19-2000 08:45 AM

I also think that $1,900 is too much. The car is rusted. I bought a car with less miles and no rust for $1,200.

Additionally 5,000 miles is not frequent enough for oil changes on these cars. 3,000 is the recommended interval on a 240D, and I would never stretch one past that.

It does, however, sound like it would make good transportation. Maintain it properly and be prepared for a fix here and there.

Good luck,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

jpococke 12-19-2000 09:52 PM

240D 1982
The owner is asking 2250.00 for the vehicle, I think the owner would have a heartattack if I counteroffered with a 1200. start. Any suggestions of how to manuever this bidding process.

LarryBible 12-20-2000 08:29 AM

About a year ago I bought a 1980 Euro 240D as a parts car. The car could have reasonably easily been fixed up. The owner started at $2,900. I looked at the car and could easily see it was worth nowhere near that price and new it would sit there awhile. I waited two weeks and offered $1,200. They didn't take it but took my phone number. Two weeks later they called me and told me to come and pick it up. You are not insulting anyone with a low ball bid. They may even be excited at the offer, because they know that they now have an out.

Good luck and Merry Christmas,

jpococke 12-20-2000 06:35 PM

Well thank you all for the information. I'm going to view the vehicle on the 27th. It is a two hour drive. On my return I will tell you what happened.
Again thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.

jpococke 12-27-2000 07:36 PM

240D Return trip
Well I took a look at it and the body is not too bad. Only a couple of pin rust on the right hand side door. There is a large size rust about the size of a dollar bill up on the left fascia. The rear window glass is leaking, because there is water in the wheel well.
The motor started at a temp of less than 20 degrees. Made a terrible noise until it warmed up. Possiblity of a water pump. Plus there was a noise coming from the middle of the dash when returning the vehicle to idle? Didn't know what that was thought is was a heater motor but uncertain.
It is a four speed which I wasn't expecting. Owner stated vehicle was purchased in California, later bought in 1988 and later came to Michigan.
Seems to shift okay, really tight shift patterns. Clutch let out midpoint, so thought that was okay.
Talked to MB dealership in the area and they stated a vehicle like that would be worth about 1000-1200 max. Took me by surprized. Told the owner about that possibility and owner stated yes there is a possibliity that I could get a higher price in summer but would like to sell it now. Didn't seem to flinch at all when I stated the price maybe really lower than what expected.
Going to talk with wife and see if she wants a manual for New Years. It drives like a tank. Wasn't too sure about the pwer steering, not like the GM models where the vehicle steers real easy.
Youse guys were right on with the price.

LarryBible 12-28-2000 10:29 AM

I agree with TXBill on the manual transmission. I guess us Texans stick together.

My 240D manual has gone 533,000 miles with no repair whatever, and three clutches. If you buy a $900 car with the risk of a $1,200 to $2,000 transmission bill at any time, it kind of takes away the desired economy of the car.

I personally would not even consider this car with an a/t. I bought an automatic 123 for my daughter against my better judgement. I will probably pay a price some day. I should have bought her a stick and made her learn to drive it. That's what I did with my son and he's now an absolute expert with a stick and won't drive anything else.

BTW I suspect power steering problems, may just be low on fluid or something like that.

Good luck,

jpococke 12-28-2000 10:57 AM

taken everything in concideration I offered to purchase the vehicle for 800.00. I thought that was fair. The KBB with that many miles and the condition of the body was quoting approx. 550.00. I neglected to tell you also that the alt. light was on, and so I offered the amt and said as is.
Otherwise owner will have to fix the alt light and that could run into more dollars for owner. the motor is not a rebuilt from MB but from a company out of California called Wicks?
we shall see...............................

jpococke 12-28-2000 04:05 PM

Well owner accepted 800.00, sure makes me uneasy now. Accepted the offer with no haggling what so ever.
But thanks for the helpful tips, I've learned alot.
Thanks again.

benzfanatic 01-07-2001 12:14 PM

The truth of the matter is when you buy a 240D you are problably looking for a commuter car. With my experience people buying this car arent looking for a great looking car or one with 0 rust they want something reliable and efficient. That is exactly what the 240D is. My latest 240D i payed 1600 dollars for it with the original engine at 289 000 miles. It lasted me several years to 378 000 miles and i sold it for 1800 dollars. If you do buy the car change over to mobil one synthetic oil because it does wonders with the compresion of an old diesel engine. Also to keep it efficient get it aligned and keep good tires on it. Oh and dont forget to check the engine/ gas lines fo leeks they can be devastating to the wallet over time. If you want a pretty diesel for cheep look for a turbo 190D they moved up a body style much earlier and people dont like the lack of german power.

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