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sokoloff 12-01-2014 11:21 AM

240D transmission mount
I think I may need to replace my 240D's manual transmission mount, part #123 242 04 13, and I REALLY don't want to use a Chinese part. So here is what I have found:

MSRP on the part is $202, wholesale is $161.

Online vendors I checked carry Febi, Rein, URO, etc. for about $17 or $18. Yes, you read that right. Does anyone know who the OE manufacturer is (Lemforder maybe?) and where I can buy it at a reasonable price? Looking at that huge price difference, I can see why someone would opt for the aftermarket part.

uberwasser 12-01-2014 11:43 AM

I'm pretty sure this is one of those parts that doesn't have a "OEM" quality aftermarket part available from Lemforder or another quality manufacturer. Very similar to the W123 subframe mounts or differential mount (you must either buy Genuine, or Meyle, those are the only two choices available right now).

Febi, Rein, Uro, Meyle, etc. will all likely be made in China copies of the OEM part. I did put a Febi mount on my '79, and it was indeed made in China.

My thoughts on this issue:

This will be a case of risk vs. benefit. You can buy 10 Febi mounts for the price of one Mercedes mount. The Febi mount fits fine, and works fine for a while at least, and this isn't a hard part to change nor is it likely to damage anything if it fails unlike something like a flex disc. So if it lasts a few years, maybe that's OK.

Another option to consider is buying it from a vendor like ******* that offers an extended guarantee on their parts, regardless of brand or reason for dissatisfaction. They claim a lifetime guarantee on all parts.

I took that route for the rear diff mount on my '85. I bought the Meyle rear diff mount from *******. It's an easy part to replace if it fails prematurely, and in theory anyway they'll send me a free replacement if I'm dissatisfied with the lifespan of the part.

Now, with the rear subframe mounts, which are much harder to replace, I went with the Genuine article. It cost about $100 more but it is still made in Germany and apparently the Meyle version doesn't even fit well.

Bottom line, this is a case of researching and making a reasonable decision as to the value of the part and whether it's worth the cost for a Genuine item.

charmalu 12-01-2014 12:10 PM

I don`t know who manufactures the MB original part, could be Lemforder.
I checked with our local dealers wholesale price, and is the same as you found.

Any of the after market mounts you see listed for the $10 - $30 range are probably all made in China, and may all come from the same plant. who knows?

I ordered a new Center support rubber piece and a trans Mount for our 240D, got it here on pelican. ordered the Fibi parts, and the box had FIBI stamped all over it, but there is a made in China sticker on the box. they are just a reboxer of parts.

We`ll see how long these last. :rolleyes:

How long do you expect to keep this car? not long, then the after mkt parts may be ok. keeping it long term, maybe another 25 years, then go with the dealer parts.

I had my DL U-joint replaced by a DL Shop. they replaced the center support and bearing. 33K miles later, the rubber support was rotted and tore just about all the way around. Just guessing they used a Chicom part.
The original made it to over 300K miles.


sokoloff 12-01-2014 12:18 PM

Thanks for the quick replies guys. My thinking was along the same lines as yours. It almost is crazy to buy the OE part considering the difference in price and the difficulty level in replacing the mount when/if the Chinese one goes south.

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