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car54 10-09-2002 09:42 PM

83 300D - AC belt removal and installation trouble
I'm reassembling the 300D with all new belts, water pump, basically whole new cooling system. I loostened the two long 19mm bolts holding the AC compressor and a third one on the top and it slid down enough to make the belt slightly loose, but nowhere near enough to remove it. Prying on the compressor only rocks the whole motor. Now I know the PS pump and Alternator have screw tensioners, and I was wondering if there is a tensioner built into the AC compressor also. I dont have the book for this car so I'm pretty much working blind.

I ended up cutting the old belt off, and if I need to, I'll reassemble the car with no belt until a later date, but your experiences, suggestions, and flames are welcome. ;)


car54 10-09-2002 10:24 PM

ok.. found the tensioner, it now moves freely to the end of the allowable movement until it hits the end of the channel the bolts move in, but the belt is still too short! The new conti belt is the same length as the old, but it just wont fit! damn car makers, dont they know how to give us enough of an adjustment to make it fit easily?

psfred 10-09-2002 10:30 PM

Is there an independent pulley to tension the AC belt on the W123? There is on the W108 and W115, but I've never dug into a W123. If so, drop that and the belt will fit on fine.

Otherwise, if it really is an adjustment on the AC compressor, you may have to pry the belt over the pulley. Make sure you have all the adjustment bolts loose too -- they can be in strange places (like the back of the compressor) and hidden under road dirt.

Trust me, there is a way, it may just not be very obvious at the moment!


car54 10-09-2002 11:39 PM

Your right, there was a way, it was to stretch the belt as far as possible and crank the motor over. Well, the cooling system is fixed, but I broke one of the ultra small flexible oil lines going from the block to the pump. So now I have a oil streak four blocks up the road and back to my house. ****!!!

damn mercedes, who uses PLASTIC for oil lines?????????

LarryBible 10-10-2002 08:12 AM

The "plastic" oil lines work quite well when they're not attacked with tools. I have never had to replace one in maintaining over 1 million miles worth of these cars.

Your dealer will have it for a reasonable price.

Good luck,

rebootit 10-10-2002 11:01 AM

I had to pretty much remove the compressor on my 83 to get the new belt on. Old one came off but I had to walk it off. This was the hardest belt replacement I have ever had to do on any car or any machine for that matter.
Tip, ONLY use OEM type belts like the brands sold on this site. The so called exact fit replacements you get from the the "weRparts" places may be the correct length but the width is not the same and they will not last and will also slip like crazy.

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