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smartin 01-23-2003 01:52 AM

Speedo cable
1985 300TDT 0 120K plus miles. Speedo not working, Have disconnected the cable at speedo back and went for a drive, cable end does not turn, but it seems that it can slide out of the flex "conduit", is it supposed to be able to do this? The speedo does work, - turned the shaft in the back and the needle moved. Also - how easy is it to replace at transmission? Is it connected at the TOP of the trans, halfway up ? Single screw holding the end in place? Thanks in advance.

engatwork 01-23-2003 06:49 AM

Single 10 mm fastener (if I remember correctly) holding the speedo in place at the tranny end. About 3/4 of the way back on the drivers side. Pretty easy to remove/replace at the tranny end.

MVK 01-23-2003 08:42 AM



smartin 01-23-2003 12:29 PM

Thanks - I will change cable this weekend!

lrg 01-23-2003 01:01 PM

The inner cable is easily removed by just pulling it out. It sounds like the inner cable may have broken so only the lower half is turning. Try removing the inner cable in two pieces from each end. Assuming it has broken, examine the broken ends to see how badly they are frayed and check the outer cable casing for a kink around the area where the inner cable broke. It the outer looks OK and the ends at the break weren't too badly chewed up you should be able to replace just the inner cable. To do this it's easiest to reattach the outer casing at the tranny and slide the new inner in from above. Twist it slightly as you feed it in and add a bit of dry graphite as you go. Don't use oil, grease or WD-40 on the cable, they trap dirt and will lead to premature failure. It's not uncommon for these inner cables to break and the replacement is pretty easy so give it a try. I got a new inner cable made up for me at a local speedo shop but other parts houses may have them and I have seen them advertised in Hemmings Motor News. Hope this helps.

smartin 02-05-2003 01:54 AM

LRG - Replaced the entire cable - sheath and all - inside cable did not want to come out (I was going to try to just put this new inside cable into old sheath - and add graphite while inserting.) Old cable did pull out because it was broken. Should a new cable be easy to pull out - felt like I was pulling outer sheath apart when I tried to remove inner cable.??

lrg 02-05-2003 02:55 AM

My cable came right out, you should be able to pull it out with just your fingers. If you are trying to pull the new inner cable out when the whole thing is coiled then I'm not surprised it's hard to do. Try pulling it out with the cable straight on the ground. Be careful not to get the new inner cable dirty. If you have the new cable laid out straight and the inner still won't come out then something is obviously holding it. Check both ends for some sort of retaining fitting. Also, how bad was the old inner cable? If the broken ends were really chewed up then they may have damaged the inside of the existing outer cable which will cause your new inner to fail prematurely. If that's the case I'd just go ahead and replace the whole thing since you already have it. HTH.

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