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morgantruce 12-04-2003 06:09 PM

Fog lights on '77 240D
The fog lights on my '77 240D are Bosch and WHITE.

It it possible to get amber lamps to replace these. I want them to look amber when both on and off (if you catch my drift).

What would be the least expensive source for such lights? I'm not a purist... they don't have to be Bosch if there is a much cheaper American brand available.

Also, I remember reading somewhere that you can do something that makes the fog lights come on independently of the headlights... how do you go about doing this? Assuming it's legal....

oilslick 12-04-2003 06:36 PM

I would like to know about the fog lights working independently myself
Anyone know how to do this?


240Demon 12-04-2003 06:53 PM

Go to

It has a writeup on how to convert the foglamps to run by themselves. Also has a bunch of other useful 240D info.

morgantruce 12-04-2003 08:06 PM

The jaimekop article talks about running the fog lamps on the parking light circuit. There are many times when I would want to run the parking lights by themselves...

Ken300D 12-04-2003 09:30 PM

The best source I have found for the amber W123 fog lights is right here at FastLane. They are Bosch units, redesigned from the original reflector/lens two-part construction. The old ones had a metal reflector and glass lens, and the reflector would rust once the seal started leaking.

The new design is all glass and one-piece, so no seal is necessary.

Got a set of them to replace the old rusted, pitted ones and they look great. I believe they will also nicely convert the older white W123 fog lights to the later yellow - they should fit OK.

I'm thinking of doing the same thing for Cinderella once she gets her new slippers welded on (floor pan repair).


240Demon 12-05-2003 02:43 AM

Actually, the Jaimekop article does not wire them to come on when the parking lights are on. As you will recall, the foglamps come on when the switch is pulled out. You will notice in your car that the switch can be pulled out when the switch is in the parking light position. The only thing that Jaimekop does is relocate the power wire to be powered from the parking light circuit, but it is still switched. So...with that setup, you can have:

Parking lights, parking lights and fogs, parking lights and headlights and fogs, highbeams and fogs, etc...

Wes Bender 12-05-2003 11:29 PM

The switch is constructed such that, when you turn it off, it automatically turns the fog lamps off. You would need to install a separate switch for the fog lights if you want them on by themselves.

I went the opposite direction. I installed halogen high beam units in place of the fog lights and aimed them up and slightly outward so they light the edges of the road. I then moved the foglamp wire to the high beam fuse and changed the fuse to 16 amp. Thus I have "elk" lights if I pull the switch to the foglamp position and have the high beams on. The halogen lamps dim with the regular high beams and I am very careful not to let them blind any oncoming traffic.

(Alpine, AZ is at 8000 feet in the White Mountains and we have a ton of elk, any one of which will gladly give up his life to destroy your vehicle.)


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