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michakaveli 05-07-2004 08:37 PM

w210 - How to clear DTC memory. A/C system
Does anyone know how to clear the DTC memory?

The A/C compressor is not kicking on at all on our E300. All of the sensors are giving readings.

Readings from climate control diagnostic
Code #7 - 06 bar
Code #8 - 89 - this is the temperature in Farenheit

The bar readings on my '97 are higher at 14-17.

It seems as so that there would be low pressure in the cooling system, but with everything off on our little pressure gauge the figure is high, in the red. When we checked my '97 it was on the border of red, but the pressure gauge reads in PSI, not bar.

There has got to be a simple way to clear codes on these.

michakaveli 05-09-2004 12:54 AM

Checked the compressor today by manually running 12 volts to the switch at the compressor and it turns on and cools. Pressure of the refrigerant was fine as well.

We tried to swap climate control modules from mine to see if we get the same result. We installed my module into the other E300 and everything works fine. I then plugged the "defective" unit into mine and I had the same result.

So we've deduced that there is something wrong with the climate control unit.... We also tested the switch to see if it was even functioning and it does.

Any ideas guys on where to buy a replacement. Or at least who can possible repair these modules?

Rick Miley 05-10-2004 01:58 PM

Used may be available at Potomac or Silver Star. New at Caliber Motors. Repair might be available at GDL.

michakaveli 05-10-2004 06:55 PM

*Another Update*
It was indeed the climate control module. In addition I grabbed a couple cans of refrigerant at WalMart to top off my car, and a few in the family.

It is very easy to do this procedure yourself. All the tools needed are at your local WalMart or similar store. Using the Diagnostic display off of the climate control you can accurately gauge how much freon to top off your system.

My E300 was at a decent limit but I wanted to top it off to ensure proper cooling in the summmer months. When the compressor is not active the pressure in bars on the Diagnostic panel reveal a pressure between 12-14, approx. When energized it shoots up to the low 20's. When there is too much refrigerant, the compressor will shut itself off and not itself to engage up to and past 30 bar. If you over fill it's not a problem. You can use the the adaptor used to fill the system to relieve some of the gas pressure from the line, and you can let it drop until the compressor remains engaged consistently and the pressure of the refrigerant remains in the low 20's...


slowmoe 05-11-2004 07:23 AM

So mich...

Did you replaced the module?

Where did you find it and whw much did it run you?

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