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lietuviai 06-12-2004 07:20 PM

What was your earliest memory of a Mercedes Benz?
My earliest memory of a Mercedes was back around 1968 when my dad brought home an off-white fintail 190D for the weekend that was one of the company cars where he worked. He told me proudly that it was a diesel. It was a very nice car but I recall that it was very slow. He had a chance to buy the car a little later but he decided on a '67 Chevy that was for sale at the time.

wolf_walker 06-12-2004 07:31 PM

Funny you should mention that.

I was standing in front of the SDL yesterday, looking at the intact drivers side headlight and wiper. It suddenly hit me that I'd done this before, but I was a lot shorter at the time. And I swear I remember those aluminum wheels. I e-mailed father about it, and he did confirm my haveing gone with him a time or two to MB dealships when I was very young. Interisting stuff...

sixto 06-12-2004 09:15 PM

First day of kindergarten. I didn't want to go. I clung to the rear center armrest of my grandfather's W108 280S. I used to sit on the center armrest for a better view. Honestly, I thought it was a high seat for kids. Ahh, the days before child seats and seat belt laws...

95 S420
87 300SDL

oldnavy 06-12-2004 09:43 PM

Sometime around 1953 or 1954 I saw a big black MB that was suppose to be Hitler's. :D Then local man bought a MB and my dad thought it was the worst thing someone could do, buy non US made car. :rolleyes:

Benzcrusher 06-13-2004 12:07 AM

About 1971 in the back seat of my dad's '58 Ponton.... he sold it in '73 and bought a Ford Country Squire station wagon ... with the fake wood down the sides....

Lycoming-8 06-13-2004 01:10 AM

In high school in the late 50's I had a friend who's Mom had a cream colored 220S sedan with the vaca-matic clutch. It was activated any time you moved the steering column mounted shifter handle. So, he enjoyed revving the engine up a bit and then letting go of the shifter handle that had been placed in first gear. As you might guess this would chirp the rear tires quite nicely. This would be repeated on up thru the gears, getting the same response in second and third. Not sure it would or could do this in fourth, but it sure was a pretty car and a very smooth running machine.

dabenz 06-13-2004 02:01 AM

My earliest memory of a "diesel" Benz was daBenz. I thought daBenz was loud, small, slow, and rode stiffer than the American cars of the 60's, especially my father's Chryslers. But those Benz doors and trunk just clicked shut. Today daBenz is loud, heavy, slow, and rides as stiff as the modern cars. And those doors and trunk still just click shut. Amazing when I think of it.

MBwD 06-13-2004 02:03 AM

I remember the wheels too
Like wolf_walker I remember seeing Mercedes-Benz wheels as a kid. Except the ones I remember are the bundts. I recall seeing them more than once, as lots of MB's use/used them. I remember that I thought they looked sturdy and strong, but I thought they were the ugliest things. I now have bundts and I like them. Go figure. :D :rolleyes: :D

Jimmy Joe 06-13-2004 02:14 AM

James Bond, early 70's...

DieselAddict 06-13-2004 03:09 AM

In the mid 80's when I was in elementary school in Czechoslovakia. One evening we were coming home from our cottage and we were already in the streets of Prague and suddenly my mom said something like "oh my God, hurry close the ventilation, it's a diesel!" If I remember correctly it was a W123 diesel in front of us and I thought that car was cool and I didn't think it smelled bad at all (I was one of those who actually liked the smell of bus exhaust). Then the maintenance guy in our apartment complex bought himself a W123, though it might have been a gasser, but nevertheless an impressive car, I thought.

After that I gradually stopped paying attention to Mercedes, but in the spring of 2001 while looking for a used car on Ebay, my obsession with Mercedes was suddenly resurrected when I saw a W123 diesel, but this time the obsession seems permanent.:D

kmaysob 06-13-2004 03:12 AM

the one my dad has when it was my aunts. i was about 3 and i remember my parents laughing at me when i was mimicing (i think thats how its spelled) the clatter of the diesel engine

85drtysthbenz 06-13-2004 10:27 AM

my first mercedes memory....i was 5 years old and my grandfather had just bought a beautiful 85 300SD....i was in love with the car...whenever we would go to church i would always want to ride with him and sit on the armrest in the back seat....i remember the smell, it had a distinctive smell inside the car that was soo nice....i can remember telling my grandfather that i wanted a car just like it when i grew up...

flash forward 19 that car is mine, and i love it even more now than i did runs just like it did in 85, maybe better...STILL has that wonderful smell that people always comment on and ask what kind of air freshener i use...i just grin, and thinking of that smell takes me back to the days of sitting on the back that says something about a car...if both youre first ever memory and youre latest one are of the same car, that is something me it is,anyway......this car will never be for sale, for any price....and maybe one day my kid will be sitting on the rear armrest asking me if he/she can have it when they grow up....

Plantman 06-13-2004 05:04 PM

Jr and Sr year of High School. 1983-4

Rich kids parents would pick up them up after school in the 300SD's. I thought they were, and still are awesome cars.

That inspired me to by my first 240, then the SD and now the SDL.

Prior to that, my uncle had given my Mom an old 220 as form of repayment for a loan. The car ran great, but he never found the title so we gave it back. :(

kamil 06-13-2004 06:11 PM

When I was about 4 and I lived in Poland my neighbor had a 240D (creme colored). I remember always saying how loud the car was. Now, 18 years later I own the same color (identical car) here in America. When I did go back to Poland last year my neighbor STILL has the same car. :eek: :eek:

DocJohn21 06-13-2004 06:42 PM

first memory
I can recall as a seven-year-old, asking for a model car that had shift-gears. One of the Christmas gifts that year was a German-made cast metal Mercedes sedan which had a speed control and programmable steering. I marveled at the car, took it apart right away, to see how it was put together. It was kept as a favorite toy until it disappeared in the closet, years later. I forgot about it until the first of three Mercedes came into my possession a couple years ago. My brother brought that toy car to me a few weeks after wards. He had been keeping it for some unknown reason. It was just as I last remembered it, as a child. (That was over fifty years ago.) The model car now sits as a display piece on a shelf of the entertainment center.

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