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350SL4spd 06-15-2004 01:04 PM

2.5 Turbo's Early Demise
I have a gorgeous (and very well taken care of) 91 300D 2.5 Turbo w/ 185k mi sitting in my yard w/ a seized engine that has oil and water in it.
Anyone have any ideas as to what happened to her? The oil doesn't even smell burnt, plenty of coolant, boost system was recently tested (9psi max @ 4500rpm), timing chain is still on...
I am at a loss for what the heck to point the finger at....

Damn shame too...


123c 06-15-2004 01:54 PM

The engine overheated somehow, and the aluminum head cracked, now the head is toast...

Hatterasguy 06-15-2004 02:24 PM

Maybe the head gasket blew? I don't know pull the head and take a look. The engine probably was run hot.

ForcedInduction 06-15-2004 08:24 PM

Re: 2.5 Turbo's Early Demise

Originally posted by wdba123190
2.5 Turbo w/ 185k mi sitting in my yard w/ a seized engine that has oil and water in it
Seized how? (Won't spin at all. VERY slow spin. VERY fast spin. Or bad noises?)

Have you tried starting it again? Sometimes a siezed engine will turn again if it is allowed to completely cool to air temperature.

Drain the oil and look for any metal shavings, odd colors, foam, etc.

Make sure it is not just a bad starter motor (Weak/burned out).

Good luck, the 2.5T is a very nice engine.

350SL4spd 06-15-2004 10:41 PM

Seized as in can't turn the crank w/ a 4 foot breaker bar.....Forward, ..or back after forward didn't work...w/ the injectors out...
The oil looks and smells fine on the dipstick, but obviously there could be metal settled in the pan.
Now I guess I just wait for permission from the owner to pull the head and the oil pan and see what the hell happened.

fahrgewehr2 06-15-2004 10:50 PM

350SL4spd 06-16-2004 11:34 AM

I could only dream that it was as easy as what happened in that thread! That was one of my first suspicions and I pulled the serp early. No dice. Maybe it was the vacuum pump. Maybe I won't know until I pull it all apart.
Any other ideas out there?

TimFreeh 06-16-2004 12:35 PM

We can guess all day long.....

Why don't you take it apart and see whats wrong? There are lots of people here that WOULD like to know whats wrong.

350SL4spd 06-16-2004 04:00 PM

I will be performing the post mortum this weekend.
I will update with cause of death when one has been more accurately determined.

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