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aldedmon 03-21-2008 09:23 AM

Akebono Brakes for 500E/SL600
If you're looking for performance brakes for my 93/94 500E/E500 and you're a fan of Akebono Brakes, they will soon release ceramic Front brake pads.
Be on the lookout for Akebono Brakes #EUR 561. Start checking around July 1. I called the corp ofc and asked why they made 95 SL600 rear pads(I just upgraded to SL 600 Rear setup, and already had the larger setup in the front.)A spokesperson returned my call and noted that the rears were also for other MB model applications but apparentll the fronts were of limited application and so they were just now preparing to tool up and make them. i can't wait!

dieseldiehard 04-06-2009 06:21 PM

I used a set of Akebono ceramics on my '87 300D. They were dangerous in city driving! The stopping power cold is poor, and unless you warm them up they simply do not stop well. I can't give you data on stopping distance because I never took any but they were lousy compared to my OTHER '87 with meager little PBR Deluxe pads, which are not bad at all in terms of initial friction, fading and dust.
Then, thanks to gsxr, I upgraded one car to 500E calipers with 300mm x 28mm rotors front and 278mm x 24mm rear.
At the same time I installed a set of Porterfield RS-4 Carbon/Kevlar pads. I can't begin to tell you how great they are! The friction material is excellent, hot or cold! RS4's give me the feel I always wanted with capability to stop fast if necessary and not fade or put out a stink on mountain roads (even though I downshift, I find hard braking sometimes necessary if you have a bimmer on your tail and you don't want him to pass :D )
I recommend forgetting Akebono Ceramics in favor of RS-4 or, if you are inclined to running on a track, Porterfield makes racing pads.

speace 04-06-2009 08:33 PM

I find your experience interesting. I absolutely love the Akebonos I put on my S500! I use their EURO series of pad.

Which type of pad did you try? The Pro Act, Euro, or one of their racing applications?

duxthe1 04-06-2009 08:46 PM

Back before my Saab was totaled I put the Akebono pads on the front. Initially they were as the other poster described but after about 500mi break in they were great. Maybe even better than great, that car had awesome stopping power. I once had a car cut me off running about 35mph and it was a serious panic stop. The car braked so hard that it stalled the engine (it was an autobox)!!!

I only wish that akebono made pads for the 124 4-matics.:(

dieseldiehard 04-07-2009 01:39 AM

Well, All I remember are Akebono ceramics and some claim was made of less visible brake dust.
They were broken in properly. I drove with them for at least a year before I went with the Porterfields. They may have been pro models, I couldn't find the sales info even if I wanted to. Very hard materials. Perhaps they do make something better, and I'm not trying to claim all ceramic pads are like that because I've used another brand of ceramic pads that were OK, its just I had a bad experience with one particular set of Akebonos and that was enough for me.
FWIW, I found some ATE asbestos pads on eBay about 5 years ago, someone had old stock of only one pkg so I bought it and they are great! no fade and no smell on the downhill grade of the infamous Grapevine coming out of So Cal. I use that as the acid test for all brakes. Oh, before someone starts a flame, note that I do my own brake work and I NEVER use compressed air when working on brakes! I was taught that anyone who blows out brake dust is banned from the shop.

dieseldiehard 04-07-2009 01:56 AM

OK, you guys got me wondering. So I went looking at what Akebonos are on the market and I'm sure that what I had were the Pro ceramics.
Here's what a review on the Tire Rack said about them:
"I changed from a stock pad to these hoping for more stopping power and less dust. What I got was a-lot less stopping power and a little bit less dust. When I first opened up the package what I noticed was the pads had a large amount of chamfered (tapered) material taken off each end of the pad----a-lot more than I have seen on other pads. With so much material gone it effectively reduces the percentage of pad surface area by at least a third. These pads are not good stoppers to the point of feeling unsafe even at moderate speed. The dust level is only a little better than stock. I have used Raybestos Quiet Stop ceramic pads on other cars with good success but they were not available for the front of my BMW. I do not reccoment (sic) these pads."
Oh well. Maybe it was a bad batch? :confused:

I can say that the chamfer he mentions is to prevent squealing, the Akebonos seem pretty extreme on the angle. I wouldn't have made them that way if I were the designer. Anybody seen that on the Akes you are using?
I will file the edges on the pads to a small chamfer if I run into pads that squeal (after break in!) - certain cars seem to squeal esp early Mercedes with a single piston caliper when tha car is braked in reverse (backing).
This can be reduced or eliminated by filing off a small amount on the leading and trailing edges of the friction material. And use a lot of brake grease on the side that slides in the caliper.
I never had any squealing with the Akebonos, actually the rears on Porterfields squealed until they were fully broken in, I think one of the pistons on the new set of calipers was angled slightly. It gradually went away until I think I hear it only once in a while when the brakes are really hot. That's a whole other story though. Its the initial bite that the ceramic Pros lacked until they got nice and hot.

Ashman 04-17-2009 02:20 AM

I put them all around in my car with cross drilled rotors. stops on a dime hot or cold....

IN factr had to put them to the test on several occassions, say like when you are doing 70mph and some idiot merging in from another freeway doing 20mph cuts 3 lanes over into your lane, when the idiot already had a merging in lane that is a mile long before he actuallty has to change lanes..

But never had issue with mine been running them for a few years now, and on my second set of front pads, which I put in a few months ago.

Am very pleased with how they work for me.. would def buy them again and again - price was great too, and literally brake dust is barely there even after weeks of driving.

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