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SouthernGent 07-27-2002 01:20 PM

The Kleemann E430K needed some new shoes...
Posting Here as well As Wheels and Tires because if you decide to do some serious power upgrades you will need some serious rubber to hold you down!

After having Donnie and Bill install my Kleemann Suspension and Supercharger I decided that to stay on the road I needed some new shoes for the beast. I bit the bullet and went all out with staggered AMG AeroII Monoblock, 18X8 Front and 18X9 Rear. Put on some Toyo Proxes T1-S' 245/40-18 Fronts and 275/35-18 Rears. Looks like a REAL monster now. Anyway my little sleeper now holds the road better than anything I have ever driven. (I need a new seat belt harness now to hold me in the seat)

One other tidbit. I had NTB do a rotate and balance on my original Goodyear tires and they not only made the balancing worse they did a number on my wheels. I took the car back 3 times to have them rebalanced and finally gave up. (Wheels even more battered now) After some real arguing with NTB I received some “payback” and used that plus a trade in and walked out with a good deal and an excellent setup at Butler Tire. I am now using Butler Tire exclusively for my wife's BMW and my Mercedes. They are a little higher than the like of the warehouse NTB style stores. Most importantly they take as good of care with my wheels and car as I would myself.

el presidente 07-29-2002 05:19 PM

Re: The Kleemann E430K needed some new shoes...

Originally posted by SouthernGent
I am now using Butler Tire exclusively for my wife's BMW and my Mercedes.

Hope you enjoyed Jamaica:cool:

bpkinatl 08-05-2002 11:25 PM

I've had nothing but trouble with NTB here in Atlanta. I finally gave up on trying to have them actually balance the wheels on my wife's Maxima. Good to know that I can trust Butler.

larry sonsini 08-19-2002 01:57 PM

Do you have any rubbing issues with the 245s up front?

Fanatic 08-19-2002 02:06 PM


Originally posted by larry sonsini
Do you have any rubbing issues with the 245s up front?
Same question that I was going to ask as well :p . In addition, does the 275's fit without rolling the fender or were they rolled already by Kleenman? The 265 on my 320 looks like they just clear the fender and I was curious if I could go any wider without body mods.

larry sonsini 08-19-2002 10:18 PM

with that wheel setup 275s don't rub even without fender rolling...However, in a friend's attempt to mount 245s up front, he experienced rubbing... but i guess it also really depends on how far in the rims go... What offset are you using? 35?

Fanatic 08-19-2002 11:29 PM


Was the rubbing occuring when they were turning or just going over regular bumps?

I originally had 275's on order but decided to change back to 265 from hearing how many problems people had with rubbing and not rolling the lip back a la E55. I do intend on lowering the car and didn't want the problem to become more of a headache than necessary. :(

I'm running a 35 offset BTW.

larry sonsini 08-20-2002 12:17 AM

oops...I just realized that we have been talking about 210s...all of my earlier comments were based on the 208...

I believe that the rubbing was occurring on turns, but I'll get clarification.

Regardless, if a 235/40-18 and 275/35-18 Yokohama AVS dB setup on Carlsson 1/5s can work on a 208 with H&Rs and #2 pads w/o rubbing, then I don't see why the setup should cause any problems on a 210.

I expect the southern gent to reply that he has no rubbing problems on a non-fender rolled 210.

Another factor is that tires from differing manufacturers can vary quite a bit... 275/35-18 tires from different manufacturers can have varying really do have to look at a spec chart and try different things to see what works.

In the end though, my experience with 210s is limited, so I could be all wrong...but it wouldn't make sense to me.

SouthernGent 08-23-2002 02:55 PM

Update from the thread creator:

I did indeed have to swap out the front tires with 235/40's as the 245 would scrub in abrupt dip/turns (like into some parking lots) Now there is none. Also the 275's on the rear are fine and do not scrub at all. Note that this is with the Kleemann suspension upgrade which lowered the body a lot. The 245's may work on a non modified W210 chasis.

Fanatic 08-23-2002 09:53 PM

Southern Gent

How do you like the Toyo's? I've heard guys that have them really like them but not able to offer any compairsons to other types of UHP/MP tires. What made you choose Toyo over anything else?

Just curious.

SouthernGent 08-26-2002 06:35 AM


I truly hated the Goodyear stocks that came on the car. (Way too loud and broke loose very quickly) I tried a set of the Dunlop SP Sport 9000 and found that they floated pretty badly on the expressway. Had NTB switch me to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. They were much better than the Dunlop's. When I had the Kleemann suspension and Kompressor installed the 235/45's didn't even come close to handling the power. Went to Butler Tire and talked about all my options. They highly recommended the Toyo's and there we are. They are the best tires yet on my E430. Goodyear-Dunlop-Michelin-Toyo. Of those I have used the Toyo's are best.


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