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Jim Nelson 08-27-2002 03:36 PM

V12 dimensions
Is there anyone who might have handy a set of dimensions for the early 90's V12?

turbodiesel 08-30-2002 04:20 AM


Jim Nelson 08-30-2002 02:28 PM

Maybe. It depends on a lot of factors. Weight, weight distribution, fit, etc. Forced induction is a possibility, but as long as I'm thinking about a real science project I may as well think about this. As I was trying to explain off-board with a couple of other list participants, I want to diffentiate the "stupid" project from the "really difficult and potentially expensive "one. Both HP and torque numbers would have to start with a 5, or maybe upper 4's, to have appeal. The other possible science projects: M5 drivetrain in an M3; 911 3.6/3.8 in a Boxster; and the 400+ hp WRX.

jcyuhn 08-30-2002 04:22 PM

Don't know the dimensions, but do recall that Renntech got a M120 v12 into a 210 chassis e-class. Believe the engine was enlarged to 7.4 liters, and yeah, it was kinda fast. Price was roughly equivalent to a nice house, except in California where it would only make a hefty downpayment on a nice house :)

Gilly 08-30-2002 04:33 PM

I have some figures I tried to formulate for you, I couldn't find a "genuine" list of what you need.
There are a couple drawings in the 92 140 chassis intro manual.
What I tried to do is come up with a formula (scale) on what I could measure on the drawing. One thing I knew was the bore size, 89mm. On the drawing, the bore measured 11.4mm, I came up with (I only assume to be correct) a scale of 1:7.8. Maybe you are better than this than I am.
If this premise is correct, the lenght of the engine itself is 858mm, from the front of the fan to the back of the block.
On the width, the widest spot on the factory engine is the outer edges of the mass airflow sensors. From one side to the other it measured at 932.1mm.
The height, from the bottom of the pan to the wiring conduit on top of the engine, is 678.6mm. The tops of the mass airflow sensors are slightly higher than this.
A few other measurements you may need
From the bottom of the oil pan to the bottom of the engine mount brackets (the end of the bracket where the mounts would attach) is 216.84mm.
On the width between the ends of the motor mounts bracket, you can only see one bracket. if the left side is a mirror image of the right(which I don't know to be true) the width would be 546mm. In the drawing the left mount is hidden be the oil filter housing and AC compressor.
The electronics will be tough to do on the car, there is dual engine control modules, dual throttle system control modules, and dual ignition control modules.
the engine isn't that bad to work on. It's just like 2 104 6 cylinder engines, as a matter of fact the right cylinder head is identical to a 104.990 engine. One thing to remember is the intake manifold is for the opposite side of the motor, so the intake on the right is for the left bank, etc. It can cause some confusion, especially when dealing with components on the right cylinder head, they are labeled "left side" because this is the bank it is for, and vice versa for the left cylinder head.


ps It if helps you out at all, the bare block weighs 78.3 lb, 35.5kg

Daesun 08-30-2002 05:01 PM

Practical? Don't ask me. But possible? Yes. Here's a pic of a 6.9L Brabus V12 in a 500E:

Hope this helps!

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