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amg280 09-04-2002 11:17 PM

G-tech'd my 400E tonight
For what its worth, just thought id post up my times...

92 400E (black on black, like you need to know that)

65 degrees. Just me in the car.

My average of my 5 runs is as follows...

1/4 = 14.68 sec. @ 101.4

0-60 = 6.35 sec.

One thing I also noted, as well as another 400E owner did, is that the car ran worse times with the ignition timing resister out. I put the resister back in, and my times were a little better, and the car just felt stronger out of the hole. I have ASR btw, but I had that little snow chain button on so it would be a little less intrustive.

The G tech was zeroed what I thought was perfectly. Are high 13's possible for this car? I never thought they were but after tonight I wonder. Ofcourse these could be optimistic times. Oh well. Just my 2 cents.

Im gonna regear her soon, and was just trying to get a base.

carman850 09-05-2002 12:19 AM

Wow!! this is the fastest I have ever heard. What was the fastest run you got? I've never timed my 400E, glad to know its potential.

Dcraig 09-05-2002 02:34 AM

Are you sure those are correct? It must be 7.35.

The car mags got 0-60 times of 7.1 seconds and that was for a 1994 E420. Another mag tested the '92 400E and it came up with times of 7.5, or something like that. The '94's had a bit more hp.

My 1994 E420 has had the diff swapped to the 2.82 and still the best G-Teched time was 6.49.

If those are correct, I'm bummed.


amg280 09-05-2002 03:24 AM


Im only guessing those times are correct. Honeslty, they seem a little fast for me. Like I said, Ive heard stories of Gtechs being slightly optomistic, quite a few actually. All I can say is it's zeroed in pretty good (for the g force measurement). And each run was pretty consistant. The 92 400E, although boasting the slightly lower HP (268 vs. 275) (same torque), is supposed to be "faster" than the others due to full throttle enrichment.

Thats what I was told, and only the 92 had that. The 92 was also the lightest. I have personally weighed my car on a local truck weigh station, and was slightly under 3700 with a half tank of gas. Perhaps someone can provide some insight on that full throttle enrichment? I believe it just bypass's the O2 sensors and puts performance before pollution under WOT?

The car feels fast. It really launches on cold nights. I too plan on doing the diff swap. Hopefully soon though :rolleyes: .

I will say, however, that the car mags always seem to be quite conservative. Alot of the test's I see, are done in 80 degree + ambient temp ranges. That will kill the times on the 400, as you well know. When I drive this car on cool nights, I feel like im in a different car. Its amazing this car is so influenced by temp.

Maybe one of these friday night I will roll out to the drag strip and get some real times. That will solve any discrepancies in the Gtech. I do want to get some solid base numbers before I start to tinker.

I will post the numbers when I get them.

Dcraig, have you ever considered a chip? Ive been looking for one, but heard they really dont do that much. What do you think.



Dcraig 09-05-2002 10:35 AM


I've heard different things regarding a chip. Some say it helps while others say it did nothing. In general, I think I'll wait, besides, I don't think one is made fo the 400's anymore.

The diff swap did great things for my E420. It launches from a stop now.


Michael 09-05-2002 09:18 PM

Those numbers are somewhat optimistic, no offense intended I assure you. I got a gTech to say I've gone 0-60 in 5.03 secs (in my 500E), and there's simply no way my 4,000lb relatively stock car can pull that's a 5.8-6.0 sec. car. I also pulled a 13.38 1/4, but even under the best conditions out in the real world the best I've done is 13.8 with a trap speed just over 100. How a car like yours with horribly tall gearing can come so close to 500E numbers surprises me. Now, pop proper gears in there and it's a race!

I suggest you try a weigh station and weigh you and your car; that done, you can more accurately dial in your gTech. But don't hold it as absolutely correct:rolleyes:

Enjoy your car!

Dcraig 09-05-2002 09:25 PM


Are you saying that my E420 with the 2.82 rear diff swap isn't running at 6.49 using G-Tech?


Subman 09-05-2002 10:27 PM

I too think those numbers are quite low.
The best I have ever done on the drag strip was a 14.8 (I have the slip if someone does not belive me). That is the best time I have ever had, however my car will run consistant 15.1-15.3
All my numbers are taken on a drag strip and I have slips to prove them all.
14.6 seems off, I would like to see what your car would run on a strip, and take the G tech to see how close the numbers are.
I have a line on the diff swap and might be doing it soon, but untill I do it I dont want to spoil the fun here.

Itgb 09-06-2002 12:47 PM

I don't think I would go by those numbers. One of the guys that got the stroker engine on his 16V used a G-Tech after the engine install was completed. The G-Tech showed his car was making 260hp. He went and dynoed the car, and it was only making about 220hp. Way off. Get the car dynoed if you want better accuracy.


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