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Don Moranville 07-27-2007 04:27 AM

Replacing Battery In 92 500SL
Need help and advice. Left my 92 500SL in storage for 3 months. Knowing battery probably discharged when curtesy lights did not come on when I opened door, I checked battery voltage. Battery was dead so I purchased an exact replacement. I have heard many horror stories about many problems developing when battery dies or disconnected. Appreciate any help/advice about replacing battery and resetting any electrical equipment that may be affected.

bobterry99 07-27-2007 11:23 AM

You should have to enter a new radio code if you still have the factory radio and nothing else.

symplered 07-27-2007 12:31 PM

Make sure your soft top operates properly before you leave the house.

Don Moranville 07-28-2007 04:05 AM

Replacing Battery In 92 500SL
Thanks for info re radio and top. Radio no problem since I have code but, info re top not much help. How do I correct a top problem if it exists? I have been told that the top, roll bar, and windows are interconnected and may have to be resyncronized. Does anyone know how this is done.

tecqboy 07-28-2007 11:46 AM

Automatic resyncing does not apply to models 1990 thru early 95. It is unlikely you'll experience a problem with the top by changing the battery if the top is either fully up or stored when you do the change. I often disconnect my battery to work on audio or other accessories and I've never had a problem. If your top does develop a problem, do a forum search on soft top error codes for an explation on how to clear them. It's not too difficult and you should probably print out the procedure and keep it with your owner's manual.

Whisln Wind 07-29-2007 07:42 PM

Replacing the battery on your SL should be no different than any other car. Once you know where it is located the rest is easy. I do have an updated radio on my 90' SL. The top was not a problem. I've replaced the battery twice in eight years.

Don Moranville 07-31-2007 04:07 AM

Replacing Battery In 92 500SL
Finally installed new Interstate battery today. Engine started on first crank. Only problem appears to be instrument indicator lights for roll bar, ASR, and ABS stay on. Moved auto in forward and reverse thinking lights may go out but, they stayed on. Also moved roll bar up and down, seemed to function OK but, light remained on. Hesitate driving vehicle if a system fault exists. No problems with these functions before replacing battery therefore concluding associated. Any suggestions as to a solution would be appreciated.

bobterry99 07-31-2007 09:11 AM

The ABS and ASR lights probably indicate a blown fuse in the Overvoltage Protection Relay (OVP). If you don't know its location, then you can send me an email and I will reply with a picture.

The roll bar light may be due to a blown fuse in the fuse box located in the trunk. If not, then you can read diagnostic codes for the roll bar and easily determine the cause. You just need a paper clip or short wire for this.

600sler 07-31-2007 01:37 PM

Re- cal. : Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and then turn all the way the the right. Drive for 5 minutes, all lights ( ABS , ASR... ) should be back to normal . Good luck

bobterry99 07-31-2007 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by 600sler (Post 1578904)
Re- cal. : Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and then turn all the way the the right. Drive for 5 minutes, all lights ( ABS , ASR... )

This is not applicable to Don's car because his does not have a steering angle sensor. A steering angle sensor is used in cars with ESP and ADS.

speace 07-31-2007 09:40 PM


When the ASR and ABS lights are on, is the car in "LimpHome Mode"?
You will recognize this because you have to press the accellerator almost half way down before it begins to speed up the engine.

If it is NOT in limp mode it might be the Anti-Lock (ABS) pump. My SL was turning those two lights on intermittently but would not go into limp mode. The more regularly I drove the car the less it would fail. Replacing the pump with a used assembly did the trick. If that is your problem, you don't want to see the price of a new unit... seek out a good used one. mine was $500.

Storing the car for a while could increase the chance that a valve or solenoid is sticking inside the ABS pump. I would suggest a good brake flush as a starter!

If the car goes into limp home mode I would look somewhere other than the ABS pump. ...and, of course, check the OVP Fuse!

Don Moranville 08-01-2007 03:36 AM

Many thanks to all that responded. Thought turning steering wheel maybe a joke but, what the hay, tried it and it didn't solve problem, lights still on. No, not in limp mode, had prior experience with that problem, ended up replacing ignition control module. Checked all fuses including fuse in OVP, all good. Auto runs great, therefore concluding probably fault associated with dead battery. I did have to re-enter radio code. I have heard that low voltage will cause ASR and ABS lights to stay on but, no mention of roll bar light. I will rig up LED test device as described in forum and I have located the 16 connector for reading codes, never done it before and don't know what I am doing but, what the hell. Any help regarding the code reading, erasing, etc. issue would be appreciated.

Don Moranville 08-01-2007 12:22 PM

Replacing Battery In 92 500SL
Did not notice prior to noting ASR, ABS, and Roll Bar lights staying lighted after starting engine. Tire chain switch light stays on in spite of attempt to switch off, also engine temperature gauge appears to be non functioning even though engine at operating temperature and reservoir full. Long for past and my first auto: 37 Ford, before introduction of all these electronic gadgets.

tecqboy 08-01-2007 12:31 PM

I believe that the roll bar light is an issue unto itself and not related to the others. I trust you searched the forum and found the list of error codes. ABS and ASR are related. If the light comes on immediatly with the ignition, the controller may be failing the self diagnosis at start. If the light comes on when the car begins to move, it's possible to have a bad sensor at the tone wheel on one of the axles or even just a very badly rusted tone wheel. You can check the sensor with an ohm meter. It should not read "open". It's just a coil of wire. Remove excess rust on the tone wheels with a wire brush. Check for power to the ABS pump as well as the fluid level in the reservoir.

Don Moranville 08-01-2007 02:25 PM

Replacing Battery In 92 500SL
I checked fuses again because of possible error and found fuse #6 blown. It supposedly for: relay left safety package (?), backup lamp, horn, and power soft top control. After replacing fuse, roll bar light out and tire chain switch light out. Now only ASR and ABS lights on when ignition sw on, when engine running and auto not moving lights are on but, now engine races while foot off throtle at about 2000 rpm. Is the ABS reservoir included in/same as master cylinder reservoir or separate? If separate, where is it located? Thanks for help tecqboy!

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