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Old 03-13-2013, 10:41 PM
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Fantastic article, seapower vs landpower

A Rack City on a Hill: Unsolicited Advice to Landpower and Seapower | Center for a New American Security

Great analysis of US power projection.

"Granted, it's hard for Americans to care too much about defense in general with the current state of external stability. But landpower advocates are likely to get a better hearing if they stop harkening back to an imagined past in which the American, not the Soviet, man on the scene with the gun destroyed the Third Reich. Not only would doing so give GI Ivan his due, but it would help landpower theory productively advance. I continue to believe that Antulio Echevarria's minimalist idea of "extending the reach of policy" is the best card landpower can play. American policy will require robust land forces, but landpower theory needs to move beyond its industrial era obsession with large armies, total war, and unlimited political objectives."

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Old 03-13-2013, 11:41 PM
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No mention of air power aside from delivering nukes. Land power SOP has always been control the high ground; seapower shifted to high ground airpower decades ago. Controlling the high ground makes it easier (a relative term) for the ground forces to achieve the military goal. Whats that about drones?

It might be said that while GI Ivan was the force that destroyed Nazi Germany, it was US industry and FDR that got them there. Did FDR feed Stalin's ego on USSR ability in troop commitment? Whats that Patton quote? "Your duty is to make the other poor bastard die for his country"? FDR certainly had that idea in hand.
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Old 03-14-2013, 12:41 AM
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The only real tactic Russia had during WW2 was the same as when they fought Napoleon: Retreat and make a stand when winter hits.

The Russians picked the spot for the decisive battle, which was Kursk, and the Germans let their ego get the better of them. Then Old Man Winter finished them off.

This is not to take anything away from the Russians. After all, it worked.

But airpower cannot subdue a population. Only a land force can do this. Until you are face to face with an enemy and they are holding the upper hand you can always dig in and hope for things to turn around.
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Old 03-14-2013, 07:14 AM
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I agree with the author's characterization of Americans as driven by profit more than conquest and unable to sustain a heavy casualty rate (or apparently a light one).

The remainder of the article, I don't know what he was trying to do. It was rather tangled, convoluted, needlessly complex and hard to follow (did I miss anything?).
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Old 03-14-2013, 12:07 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Milford, CT
Posts: 19,306
The problem with that site is its written by professors and DOD advisers so they tend to get off on tangents a lot.

I think what he was going for is that its worth investing in drones and the Navy and Airforce should make that case to avoid getting slammed to hard with upcoming budget cuts.

The casualty thing is going to get us if we get involved with NK or China...because they don't have issues sustaining casualty rates that would make CNN go crazy.
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Old 03-16-2013, 11:48 PM
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Concerning China We need a Navy Strong enough to keep an large number of Chinese Troops from being delivered here.

I read some where that the Chinese PLA has more Troops they We have People in the whole USA. If that is the case that rules out use invading China.

However, Chinas shear masses of People make the venerable to an attack on their Food sources.
Also they lack enough Oil to keep their War Machine and Industry going in a major conflict.

The above issues indicate a need for a Strong Powerful Navy that is able to attack the Food production and Oil Supply; because what Country is going to allow us to have Land Bases to operate from?
Also for the above to work the US needs to have enogh defense to keep China from atacking US effectivly.

An other major issues is our Population American enough to support the War effort; do they feel this is their Country and it is worth fighting for.

I think on the whole our Armed Services and People are willing to go to War if they understand the reason and the goal is clear; but they are not up to fighting, suffering, and dieing just for the sake of fighting.

Without a draft there is never going to be enough Troops. And, a Draft without some compelling reason would just stir up un-rest not unlike in the 1960s.
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Old 03-17-2013, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
I read some where that the Chinese PLA has more Troops they We have People in the whole USA. If that is the case that rules out use invading China.

Yeah not even close unless someone accidentally added a couple of extra zero onto the 3 million personnel in the PLA
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Old 03-17-2013, 12:34 AM
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I doubt if the Chinese would ever try to invade CONUS. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
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Old 03-17-2013, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
I doubt if the Chinese would ever try to invade CONUS. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

An Indonesian Girl I know who is Ethnic Chinese went to Mexico to buy a Dog. She is the one who told Me there was Chinese Troops in Mexico because She overheard what they were talking about.
Also info in the Internet.
From what I have read there is Chinese Troops in Mexico and the already occasionally come over the Border. When the Border Patrol finds them they Call the Marines. The Marines come and shake hands and chat and the Chinese Troops go back a crossed the Border.
The Border Patrol is told to keep quite about it.
I have read more than My pitiful notes indicate; if interested do some searches.
On place said that if they Chinese invade they plan to us that Food FEMA has stockpiled.
May 17th, 2011
Last Thursday (May 11th) was quite a stressful day. A report came in at around 6:30pm from our people near New Mexico on the Mexican border that two Chinese KIO Spotter helicopters had been seen entering US airspace. The two contacts were told by their superiors to keep it quiet. After our man on the ground got the message out he sent out a second message saying that his location had just been approached by Govt. Officials.
Approximately 25 min. after the second message all communication was lost with him and his unit. Our contact was unable to be reached for several hours. It was not until later that evening that I received an OK from my source letting me know that our contact was OK.
We expect to hear more details from a briefing that is classified regarding time, location, and individuals tonight on the conversation he had with our contact and the chain of events that took place on Thursday.
We have had independent verification of the Chinese choppers sighted you can read that here from the initial post and reply.
I know this is confusing because it has been "sanitized". The point is...that there was a definite cover up of information regarding the identity of the choppers as Chinese and they were allowed to be flying in American airspace in New Mexico.
Stay tuned for further developments.
On March 14 th Steve Quayle detailed an eyewitness report from a trucker who saw Red Chinese troops and 10,000 armored vehicles after delivering a trailer load of food to a hidden base approximately 60 miles south of Laredo , Texas inside Mexico. (See link for full report).

In order to obtain additional confirmation and any new information on these Red Chinese troops in a hidden base in Mexico "Cross Border Eyes" were enlisted to go take a look see and based upon rough information from the trucker and cross border expertise , it was determined that the most likely area for these Red Chinese troops, their armored vehicles, and shipping container housing units to be hidden was in the triangle between Sabinas Hidalgo, Lampazos de Naranjos, and Arroyo Blanco.

"Cross Border Eyes" discovered upon arrival to that fairly large area that he quickly ran into large numbers of Mexican Federales in all types of vehicles including some painted that odd green characteristic color of Red Chinese vehicles. Various approaches from several different directions using back roads, trails, and tracks at different points of the triangulated area were attempted. At each location Federales enmasse were patrolling. So many that to quote........"it was like you stuck a firecracker into a red ant hole and blew it, and you know how all the red ants come up out of the hole...." that was like how many Mexican Federales were around the approaches to the likely hidden camp area. Bottom line , was that the amount of protection for this area was extremely unusual , way more than any Mexican Govt./ CIA cosy Cartel Camp filled with Dope would warrant , and many more than "Cross Border Eyes" had ever seen.

Subsequently after all the attempts at penetrating the triangulated area, the decision was made to exfil quickly and after heading east by southeast for approximately 75 miles ............Lo and behold, another swarm of similarly deployed Federales was run into patrolling and blocking an approach road to what probably is another hidden base, though at this point that is speculation from the similar patrol modus operandi.

Based upon this information, the trucker's information is further buttressed particularly in light of information I have know over the years about various Red Chinese, and North Korean military units having been seen in Northern Mexico, and all of the latest information about the number of "OTM'S" or other than Mexicans that are infiltrating into the U.S. including Iranians and other middle easterners who speak Spanish and adopt Hispanic Surnames. Also, as recently as Monday 3/14 , the same day as this report came into Steve Quayle, HF communications on U.S. Military frequencies have been heard from heavily oriental accented operators speaking broken English in direct communications with Conus Military Comm Stations........the accent was not Japanese either, but Chinese.

Surely, with all of the border drones, Keyholes, Iridiums, and Tr3-B's that the U.S. military possesses these large Red Chinese camps can be seen.......just as long as they are Tasked to Look. However, since the food came from the Texas side of the Border one might bet instead, that these are some of the Martial Law Papa's best foreign assets ready for a little "Red Dawn" action straight up Texas' gut when the Green Light is given and therefore are being protected by more than just the Mexican Federales. After all, the Red Chinese hold over $1 trillion in Treasuries and most of the Mortages in the U.S. that they may want to collect. Any further information on these Red Chinese troops in their hidden Mexico laager is welcome. We have received several highly credible accounts from retired Military personnel detailing many new younger male Chinese restaurant workers in Corpus Christi ,in Northern California, in Montana, and from other states as well. As to a possible Green Light, or pretext for Martial Law, we are now onto to Rads and Iranians.

In the last 2 days, Steve Quayle has also received from deep background sources in the law enforcement world several disturbing reports that when the dots are connected with other subsequent information this writer will be adding to the mix, indicate potential for grave circumstances in the good ole U.S. To many of Steve's and my listeners on the Radio for many years, this material has been discussed in general and also in some very specific time windows particularly in the last 3 years ........this is another such window of time where even the most doubtful of the past are now beginning to see the probabilities that Martial Law in America is a likely event especially with the advent of financial collapse or runnaway hyper-inflation looming. You have seen screws being tightened in all aspects of daily life, the preparations being made by the luciferians in the U.S. government, and you have felt their vampiric hunger for the pretext , so that their Blood Sacrifices can begin to give them power.

First dot...........Radiation detectors have been issued to many of the Police Department units in the larger Illinois Cities.

Second dot....Radiation detectors have been issued to Police units in the larger Indiana cities

Third dot.......Ohio State Police radio traffic yesterday contained a coded reference known to be associated with NBC or Terrorist threats. It will not be repeated here, but suffice to say it was real.

Fourth dot.......yesterday Tuesday 3/16 , in Ohio on I-75 there was a real traffic back up because all traffic was being routed through a detoured side road where no doubt a Scanning radar and Rad sniffing vehicle was parked along side of all traffic passing by and where State Troopers and no doubt Federal Agencies of various alaphabets were on the eyeball for any anomalies of vehicles, drivers, or passengers. On I-71 also in Ohio there was similar activitiy although less pronounced and without the check point set-up. For any attempting to turn around in the median to avoid the "detour" , chase cars rapidly nabbed them and brought them back into the line for the detour on I-75. Federal Agency requests for OSP stops on select vehicles on I-71 were heard as well.

Fifth dot....Several days ago HF Military traffic probably associated with Ultra Black Military units in , well let's just say extremely high altitude crafts seemed to be indicating that a hunt for Q material or nuclear devices may have been on, near the Mexican border with Arizona. This was particularly disturbing as in the past 6 years the Palo Verde Nuclear power plant has been known to have been in play by some really nasty terrorist groups with a variety of nuclear devices which were taken out or captured by some of the most brave and toughest Ultra Black Military operators that ever lived on this planet or others for that matter. These are not of the stories about pipe bombs or even about the Iranian Plant worker who took his computer to Tehran so the training program for operation of the Palo Verde plant , which included architectural diagrams etc. could be dowloaded several times. These were the ones never in the papers , though you might have heard about em from Steve or Hawk back then on the Q-Files.

Sixth dot.......Yesterday Steve Q. hear from deep back ground sources that indeed there are several separate unrelated Iranian Terrorist cells currently working targets allegedly in the Chicago Metro Area and in Ohio. Reputedly, they are supposed to possess possible nuclear or radiological devices for targets unknown. With the previous Fifth dot , perhaps we can add that Palo Verde plant as a potential target as well.

Seventh dot......An interesting story of a massive chase and manhunt near Sierra Vista, Arizona and of course Ft. Huchucca, Arizona took place within the last few days. It initially was coming live out on twitter from scanner traffic and at that time reportedly involved 4 "Hispanic Males?" firing rifles at a Border Patrol chopper at Garden Canyon. Sierra Vista Police, Sheriff's deputies, Military Police from the Fort, and ICE personnel were all involved in the manhunt, for what in an anomalous way, became 2 alleged 'Human Smugglers" and of course the clearly heard scanner traffic report of 4 men and the firing of weapons at the chopper were retracted in the news account the next day. Also unusual is that the search was called off wednesday afternoon and denials of use of Helo's by this agency or that agency were given, when that first day of chase clearly 2 or more helos were seen searching and also a drone was seen searching near Garden Canyon as well. Anyway the anomalies just kind of telltale out of the reports and the break-off of that search especially since Border Patrol and no doubt U.S. Army choppers had night vision and thermal imaging capabilities.

Old Hawk just might bet .........that some "OTM's of an Iranian persuasion just might have been tagged from above by a TR3-B working highest level NEST interdiction and some Associates in Black Helos with ID'S 28 levels above probably scooped them up or did the country a favor and returned their now "non-existent" fire. Thus no need for any further searching.

Anyway, you connect the dots.......and take it to the Lord in prayer.
There is power in the blood of Jesus.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 11:30
Luna County
American law enforcement sources also report continued sightings of Asian soldiers in border areas. After the Oct. 24, 2000, shooting incident involving Border Patrol agents and what appeared to be Chinese soldiers in Mexican army uniforms near Otay Mesa, sightings have increased but no further incidents have been reported. “We continue to hear reports from illegals coming across the border that swear they have seen Chinese soldiers dressed like Mexicans,” a senior San Diego law enforcement
An official Border Patrol evidence crew scoured the area, located in Copper Canyon near the Otay Mesa port of entry, and said they found no shell casings or other proof to validate the story. Still, the agents and Weeks believe a cover-up has occurred and no one can offer answers why."

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