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slownrusty1 07-29-2004 12:35 AM

W124 '94-'95 Wood Console Replacement...A Pictorial - EASY!
Hi Gang - Long time reader and first time poster. I read all the great posts here on a dialy basis, so I thought I would share some info for those having trouble or need to know how to remove and replace the center Zebrano wood console on your '94-'95 E320 \ E420

I bought my '94 E320 at the beginning of summer and I have taken some time to fix all those little things that annoy me.

One of those things is the many cracks and scratches on the surface on the center wood console of the car.

I called a few places to have the wood re-finished and most places were not interested in such a small job and other quoted me $200+ prices, a M-Benz wood refinisher that advertises in the STAR magazine quoted me a min. of $150 not incl. shipping there (CA) and back to me.

Interesting thing. I called my local dealer and they told me that a new center console piece would be $260! Or less 10% if I was a MB club member (which I am).

I then got my new STAR magazine and while thumbing through I called Calliber Motors in Anaheim Hills, CA, who is a M-Benz dealer and they said they would sell me the same new console for $180! I also called SL Accessories and they were $190, so I bought the new console from Calliber.

The new console that is now produced by MB, only comes with ALL the cut outs, for all the accessories like heated seats etc etc, so if your car does not have this then you have to buy a $2 black plastic blank-out trim piece - which annoyed me as I think it cheapens the look of the new console. I had to buy three of these $2 blank-out pieces. I guess M-B is trying to cut production costs on certain parts.

The worst part is that I had to DELICATELY Dremel two of the holes on my new piece as the wood had just enough of an edge to prevent the blank out pieces from fitting properly.

Here is my old cracked Zebrano console (very familiar to us!):

To remove your old wood console:
1) Flip up the center high armrest.

2) Slide back the wood roller piece that is below the center high armrest. Look to the top of this compartment and you will see two self-threading screws:

3) Undo both and the entire center lower compartment will come right out - place in a safe spot.

4) Undo the bottom center threaded screw on the Zebrano console:

5) Carefully lift up on the center console and the power miror switch will come out with it. The top of the center console is pivoted under the stereo so just work it carefully until it comes free, here are the pivot legs:

6) The ole cracked scratchy console will now come out - voila!

7) For installation of the new one, I STRONGLY recommend removing all the power window switches and the child restraint window slider and FIRST fitting them in the new console. The reason being that you will have to unfortunately Dremel a few of these holes to get the power window switches to fit. Also M-B has changed the black mouting clips on the underside and it will be much easier to do this - trust me on this!!

The console with all the switches removed:

8) Here is the new one (left, lots of finger prints -so excuse) next to the old. Note the black blank-out trim pieces on the new one:

The rest of the re-installation is the reverse steps for the removal!
Time required 1-2hours.

Tools: A Phillips screwdriver and a Dremel with a wood sanding barrel end.

While I had everything out I replaced the cracked clear plastic rectangular piece that goes over the "P-R-B-D-2-L" and replaced my shifter with a brand new genuine M-B Zebrano shifter, which is only held in by one 15mm nut and is easy to access one you remove the plastic assembly for the shift gate and the P-R-B-D-2-L assembly under that. I purhased the shifter off eBay from a seller in Vancouver for $65 and the new plastic "P-R-B-D-2-L" assembly was $45 (from Calliber).

I also upgraded my cassette (!) \ stereo to a brand new M-B CD unit from Europe (radio re-calibrated for the U.S) bought off eBay as well from an importer in Washington. Man what a great upgrade that was, the sound quality blows me away and having a CD player finally is a great relief. The stereo was $400 and installation took a few minutes once you have the keys (supplied with the new stereo).

I also replaced my badly warped rectangle black trim ring that goes around the shifter ($4 from Calliber).

Here is the final shot, all done buttoned up and gleaming before supper!

Hope that helps!!

Best Regards - Yasin

arsoria 07-29-2004 08:29 AM

Sure did...thanks

dakota 07-29-2004 03:47 PM

Very nice job, Yasin!

MR. LUCKY 07-29-2004 09:15 PM

Its posts like yours that make this the greatest site ther is.

Mr Luckey

Larry Delor 07-29-2004 10:14 PM

Nicely done!

Makes my upcoming task of replacing the bulb for the shift indicator not such a daunting task.
(something I hope you did, while you where in there) ;)


y2kimmel 07-30-2004 08:50 AM

I suggest that you get the moderator of the board to add this write-up to the "DIY " section of

Very useful write-up. I may just tackle the trim in my '95 E420 now.

1995 E420 83k

slownrusty1 07-30-2004 09:40 AM

Thanks guys! Glad you all found the post helpful and that's why I took the time to do the write-up.

I have got lots of great help, info and tips off this forum\site, so this is the least I could do.

I will definately get in touch with the moderators and see if they think its worthy of being in the "DIY" section.

More to come!

Best regards - Yasin

G-Benz 08-26-2004 12:59 PM


I appreciate the pics on this! It made my deal a whole lot easier! ;)

I got my console (and replaced my broken mirror adjustment switch) from Caliber too.

Got my wood shifter and chrome surround from Performance Products.

Hated the block-out covers so I went ahead and got the real seat heater switches for looks. Might figure out how to get them to illuminate with the rest later on.

The whole job took me about two hours as well (based on clock reading from disconnected battery).

I had to spend a little time cleaning years of drink spillage too!

I ran into the same problem with the black plastic housing that holds the connections in place. I put the switches in the wood console and did away with the black plastic housing altogether...I just removed each of the connections one one-by-one and attached directly to the switches already mounted onto the console. Couldn't seem to figure out how to get it to work with the modified wood console mounting? Lack of a dremel tool maybe?

I kept the old pieces as I might go at it again one day and get it to fit.

Wish I had a digital camera to show you the the console looks TOO nice...gotta get new carpeting, seat covers, etc.... :rolleyes:

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