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Evan 07-31-2004 12:59 PM

300E, Replacing Ignition Tumbler HELP!!
Recently my 1991 300E's ignition started getting caught up , so i got a new tumbler.. I even bought the wire tool to replace the tumbler.. when i go to turn the ignition half way on so the holes align i put the wire tool in and push,, however when i try and pull the tumbler out it wont come out.... there is a black metal cover over the old tumbler,, does this need to come out first? if so how do i take it out?? I have the whole bottom half of that side of the dash dropped so i could get a better view and it seems sealed.... ANY IDEAS ARE HELPFUL... as of right now my car is in pieces,, I need my car... thanks everyone!!!

engatwork 07-31-2004 02:02 PM

Try turning that black metal cover counterclockwise as you use the tool to press in the tabs.

Ferdman 07-31-2004 03:03 PM

Evan, read the posts under the following link. There is a diagram of the release wire and clear instructions how to remove the lock cylinder. Scroll down until you see the diagram and post by Bob Weir dated 5/26/2004.

deanyel 07-31-2004 05:29 PM

There's two black pieces - one has to come out first and the other comes out with the tumbler. The black piece that has to come out first is the black cover around the ignition. It is about 3 inches high and maybe 4 inches wide, it has retangular corners. It comes out by prying gently with a small screwdriver or the such. The second black piece is circular just around the tumbler. This comes out with the tumbler. The whole thing should come out easier when you push the wire tool in far enough - maybe an inch and half or two inches. Ignition key needs to be in position 1.

The trick to putting it back in is that even though they come out together, they go back in separately. First you put the tumbler alone in, but don't push it, just let it slide in, there's a large groove to line up, you can't screw it up. Then you push the black cover over it, and push them both in together, till it clicks in place, again there's a slot so it will only go one way. You line up the 2/3 ignition positions at about 2 o'clock.

Then you can test it - if it binds you need to put some lock lubricant on it. Then when it works you put the larger 3 by 4 inch cover back on. It's one of those jobs that goes very easily the second time you do it.

Ferdman 08-01-2004 12:58 PM

Dean, as I recall the black barrel came out with the lock cylinder when the release wire disengaged the paws.

Evan, once the old lock cylinder is removed turn and remove the key. Insert the new lock cylinder into the barrel then insert the key and turn the key to the removal position. Reinstall the lock cylinder/barrel unit ... it will snap into place when the paws grab. As Dean mentions it takes some patience to release the ignition cylinder ... once you actually release it you'll have a 'feel' for how simple it is. The key is to make the release tool from 2mm wire with precise bends and angle cuts.

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