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mbz 12-06-2004 11:30 PM

looking to buy 1992 300te
Am viewing a 92 300te( like tomorrow) with 132k on the clock with the great possibility of I buying it . Could you guys share on what areas to check? Any common electrical issues? How about mechanically is this motor bulletproof? Should I expect the trans to shift harshly from 1st to 2nd....etc etc.

99 C280 sport
96 E320

psfred 12-07-2004 12:40 AM

Check for excessively hard rear suspension, it has hydraulic suspension back there, and the accumlators go flat. This results in VERY hard ride, with eventual failure of the struts ($$$$$ -- about $650 each last time I looked). And easy fix so long as there is nothing leaking. Sagging rear could be just a leak, but is more likely struts beaten to death by dead accumulators.

Engine is OK, but not as nice as the earlier ones (it has variable valve timing, I believe). No major problems.

Make sure the AC works, as this model is known for leaking evaporators and they are a major pain to change -- I know, I've done one. About $2000 at the dealer.

Should be "young" enough not to have suspension rubber problems, but listen for excessive thumping or squeaks from the rear suspension -- this means new thrust and torque links. Again, not a bad repair, but detract from the car's value. Check strut mounts up front for cracks, replace if you find any.

It probably starts in 2nd, my 88 TE does. Only downshifts to first if you floor it. Rough shifts are very likely vacuum leaks.

Check for outer edge tire wear -- it will eventually need tie rods and a drag link, and this will show up as toe in wear on the front tires.

Cranky sunroof means new lift angles (around $500 with labor).

Otherwise, just the normal PPI stuff. The W124 chassis is one of MB better ones, pretty trouble free.


mbz 12-07-2004 09:11 AM

Thanks Peter, appreciate the input and time.

chazola 12-07-2004 11:03 AM

In Addition to what psfred said- if it's a '92 it'll start in 1st. Both 103 & 104 powered cars I've driven are a bit rough shifting until warmed-up.
It should still have the 103 12v engine- check for head gasket leak! Take off the radiator cap and peer in- should be clear with no trace of oil. If there is walk away or take $1800 off the price.
The TE is a nice tank...

mbz 12-07-2004 02:12 PM

whats a reasonable price assuming vehicle is in good working condition?

Is $ 5500 good for this year and mileage?


chazola 12-07-2004 03:28 PM

$5500 seems like a reasonable price assuming everything is in order. I paid $5200 for my '92 300E with 192k on it. It was in excellent 'decorative' condition but the air-con was busted (evaporator I found out later-$$$'s).
make sure you check all the electrics work, the car tracks straight etc. There can be lots of little niggles that need fixing as the car gets older.

The wagons always command more money than the sedans.

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