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cossie 11-30-2000 12:43 PM

Hi all!

Sometimes (but rarely) when I come to a stop, I would feel a kind of shaking or pulsating complemented by a type of groan . Is it the ABS doing this? It happened this morning as I depressed the brakes. I think the groaning (if it can be described as a noise, maybe it's the sensation) came from the front, almost sounded like it came from under the car--I don't know. It freaked me out because I thought perhaps the tranny is the source, but I think it's the ABS. Is it normal for the ABS to do something like that? Thanks.

pezzy 11-30-2000 12:58 PM

Was the pulsating coming through the brake pedal? If it was then it probably was the ABS. If you were on dry pavement and werent braking hard thats wierd that it kicked in. I have noticed that it takes little to get the ABS to kick in on my car. Have you ever heard/felt the ABS brakes in your car before? If you havent I would take your car down some dirt road and try it out, I did that just to get the feel of it, it was quite fun too.

JDUB 12-01-2000 11:24 AM

It sounds like an electrical problem with your ABS. The sensors at the front wheels maybe dirty. Sometimes cleaning the sensors can help. It could be a bad connection in the ABS wiring somewhere, or could be the ABS sensors starting to fail. There are numerous posts on this subject. If you get a chance, scan the archives.
Good luck.

mbdoc 12-01-2000 01:13 PM

Most of these problems happen to 1990 & earlier cars. The sensor cable & mounting has been modified with stress reliefs so that failure rate is very low.(NOW)

ctaylor738 12-01-2000 04:30 PM

It sounds like the front sensors are losing it. As I recall it was several hundred dollars for parts to fix it on my '86. It was not a difficult fix, and is pretty well spelled out in the Haynes manual.

jeffsr 12-01-2000 09:10 PM

Before you replace the sensors, try cleaning them and the indexing disks on the back of the wheel hub. Hall effect sensors can get fooled if they are dirty.

Ashman 12-01-2000 11:17 PM

I actually got to test my ABS in advertently today. was driving a bit fast, then started coming to a stop, so I started braking, a few little bumps cause the wheels to slip, the abs kicked in, and felt like it was grinding, but as the tires gained traction, it let up then it slip again and abs kicked in again.

Felt like it was grinding through the frame into my foot and I could hear it, but it wasn't there after I took off again and slowed down for my nexxt stop, which was smooth as always.

Listen to the people about the dirty sensors. many people have cleaned theirs and fixed their problem, so it can't hurt for you to try it. if that doesn't help, then look into getting them changed.

Not worth $700 if they only need cleaning.


be459 12-02-2000 12:07 AM

When the brake gets down to metal-to-metal, the symptom can range from no noise to many different kinds of noise. If your groaning definition is same as mine, groaning is one of the noises I experienced (on a non-MB car) in the past due to a metal-to-metal brake.


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Ashman 12-02-2000 03:17 AM

In my case, the pads, rotors, and sensors are all good to go, no metal to metal. I actually experienced what I thought was metal to metal, only It wasnt making the same feeling when the ABS would apparently switch off. when the abs kicked in from my experience with it today, losing some traction on the front when slowing down and the road had a couple little bumps that cause slip on the car, abs kicked in immediately without any more presure, and I got the same sensation. once past the bumpy part, brakes didn't make the contact with harder presure than when the ABS kicked in.

Have the rotors and or pads checked if you suspect metal to metal. I inspeacted mine and they appeared fine.


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