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Agron80 12-08-2000 11:54 PM

I was planning on changing the oil tonight for the first time myself, but it seems that the oil drain plug is heavily warped. No 13mm socket fits. I tried a plumber's wrench to get it out, nothing. Someone posted this awhile back and some people recommended cutting the bolt off. I really dont want to do this. Should I take in to my tech and let him mess around with it or what? Any suggestions would be greatful.

Ashman 12-09-2000 12:56 AM

Thats a tough one. I think first you should buy a new drain bolt.

Then I think you need some liquid wrench or some penetraiting oil to try to help loosen that sucker up.

Perhaps your copper washer is fused to the bolt and oil pan.

You could try heat, but I wouldn't recommend putting fire that close to the engine or oil pan, you might damage the pan if you use heat.

Have you tried vise grips with a piece of pipe on the handle?

If you need more torque, and can get a wrench to grab the bolt well, you can add a piece of pipe over the wrench handle to generate more torque to aid in getting it off. a similar principle to extending the lug wrench handle with a piece of pipe to make it easier to remove lug nuts on your wheels.

I'm not a tech, but I'm hoping that will help you.


be459 12-09-2000 01:15 AM

As Ashman suggested, vise grips should be able to remove the bolt, no heating or cutting.


MikeTangas 12-09-2000 03:01 AM

And also as Ashman suggested, pick up a new drain plug before you pull the old one. Be sure to use a new copper washer on the drain plug with each oil change. The Mann filters the PartsShop sells come with the proper sized washer and O-rings, in my experience, the ones at the local parts store only have O-rings no washers.

dakota 12-09-2000 03:05 AM

....Like You Mean It !!!
Look, you've gone beyond the stage when you can use Zen to get this sucker off. Now its time to show it that you mean business.

As has been suggested, wet it down with some cold penetrant oil first...that's its wake-up call. Then, rap that balky bolt on its head with a hammer a couple of times. Not hard enough to bend the oil pan but enough to get its attention. Then squeeze that fiesty fastener with your biggest baddest vise-grips. Set the vise-grips so you can hit the handle of the vise-grips with your trusty Harley wrench (hammer). Don't be afraid....get after it like you REALLY mean it. You should be able to scare it off once you set your mind to it.

When you are done, you will feel MUCH better.

jerryb 12-09-2000 05:07 PM

oil drain plug stuck
We have used an air chisel to jack hammer them off, if you get a good bite with the corner of the chisel it will spin it out.

P.E.Haiges 12-09-2000 09:20 PM

I suggest heat. You can't get the oil pan hot too because the oil inside cools it. After its hot, use vise grip aggressively. Its always worked for me.


Agron80 12-10-2000 12:19 AM

Thanks for your tips guys, but after trying vigorously to take it off with vise-grips, liquid wrench and other various things I ended up taking it to my tech. At first he also tried the same methods I used but to no avail. He came up with something i've never seen before; he took a bigger nut and place it over the warped round nut, then welded them both together. He used a big wrench and presto it came off. Basically, all he did was make a new bolt over the warped one. I put in the new bolt, and I now have about 5 or 6 spare washers for the upcoming oil changes. Lesson learned--always change the copper washer when you do an oil change. Once again, thanks for everyones responses.

Ashman 12-10-2000 02:00 AM

so had the copper washer kind of fused to the bolt/pan causing it to be a major hassle to get it off?

Glad you got it taken care of. That can be a pain when thet friggin thing wont come off.


Michael 12-10-2000 09:09 AM

I went thru this...ended up using a Vise Grip to get that puppy out. I installed a new one with a thin layer of anti-seize, so it shouldn't ever be a problem again.

Plus now I use a topsider!

P.E.Haiges 12-10-2000 10:53 AM

See,I told you heat would do it. LOL

be459 12-12-2000 04:39 AM

If Vise Grips does not work, I use a chisel as Jerryb suggested. I usually have good luck to free nut/bolt with a chisel and a hammer. In your case, I have to think that the heat from the welding did the trick as Ashman and Haiges suggested.


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